Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Smoke on the horizon today

The predicted area of today's fuel reduction burn near Granton.
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WEATHER permitting, the Tasmania Fire Service will be conducting a fuel reduction burn at Mt Faulkner near Granton today. This is part of a statewide fuel reduction program which aims to reduce the bushfire risk to help protect lives and communities.

The TFS says the total area of this burn will be about 100 hectares and is likely to take 1-2 days to complete. Smoke may persist for some days afterwards, depending on wind conditions.

Public access to the area will be restricted during  the operation. The public is asked to remain well out of the burn site while the burn is taking place and for the following days until safety checks have been made along tracks and trails. People in the area are asked to comply with directions from fire service staff and to observe any signs posted.

The TFS says the fire intensity will be low, but it will still generate flames, smoke and ash. People with medical conditions that may be affected by the fire can obtain advice from the Department of Health and Human Services website  or Further information is available by contacting the Tasmania Fire Service on 1800 000 699 or email A map of planned burns is available on the TFS website.

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