Sunday, October 9, 2016

High School's new look revealed

New steps and an access ramp lead to the school's main office.
GRADE 7 students at New Norfolk High School will return to their regular classrooms this term as the school's redevelopment program continues.

Writing in the school newsletter, principal Adam Potito said the upgrades were going well.

"We are delighted that our facility works are progressing well," Mr Potito said. "We are now ready for Year 7 students to return to their regular classrooms after the term break."

The original front entrance and offices
have been demolished.
Mr Potito said the start of Term 4 tomorrow would also see the re-opening of the front carpark and the ramped entrance to the office.

Several car parking spaces have been lost but the biggest change is the demolition of the original front entrance and offices, which were the last remnants of the first parts of the school built in 1954.

THEN: The front of the school as it looked in May 2016.

NOW: The front of the school as it appears now.

The project appears to be behind schedule, with the majority of the works originally to have been completed in Term 2 and it had been predicted that the Grade 7 students would be able to move back into their refurbished classroom block during Term 3. Landscaping is yet to start in the area once occupied by the original 1954 classrooms referred to as the Bristol Block.

The total project includes:
  • Refurbishment of the Grade 7 block, including new windows, carpet, paint, doors, meeting and ICT facilities and a new entrance.
  • Demolition of buildings no longer required, based on current and projected enrolments.
  • Civil works and landscaping of the front and central zones of the school.
  • An assembly courtyard and outdoor learning and recreation spaces.
  • New trees for shade and attractiveness.
  • A ramp to the front office.
The school's main block as it has never been seen before.

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