Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Norfolk wins SFL elimination final

Southern Football League finals - Week 1
Match report provided by SFL League Management

New Norfolk 12.14 (86) d Hobart 7.6 (48)

The Eagles soared during the Elimination Final against the Tigers on Saturday but the strong win has put them up against the reigning premiers for this weekend's Semi-Final game.

Both teams entered the field giving it their all from the very first moment of the game at Boyer Oval, both fighting hard to get first use of the ball while showing the strength and determination that they’d been displaying in their previous contests in the season so far.

At the end of the first quarter, it was the Tigers who held the lead. But this all changed going into the second quarter. Deep into the second quarter the Eagles fought hard to sit ahead with a strong 20-point lead. The Tigers were not being tamed though, they were battling and putting in the effort required to stay within an arm's length of the Eagles.

After half-time the Tigers were still within reach of the Eagles, with much of the game for that quarter being played at both ends of the field. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Eagles managed to push away from the Tigers. Hobart didn’t manage to score in the final term, which gave the Eagles a chance to put some icing on the cake and finish with a solid 38-point victory.

For the Eagles, Michael Thompson led the way. He was named best player while also managing to score five goals from the centre half-forward post and control the air with an impressive 20 marks throughout the game. Blair Wardlaw with three goals and Nic Clayton with two were the other major scoreboard contributors for New Norfolk.

For the Tigers, Sam Reeves and Stuart Paterson led the scoring with two goals to their name, while Brenton Allie, Bryden Goninon and Corey Murphy managed one each.

It was a tough day all around today for the Tigers, as they lost in the Reserves Elimination Final as well. The Tigers fought the Lions and were behind the whole time. The margin started to close just before half time, but by the end of the game Hobart still trailed 17 points behind.

At the same venue, Lindisfarne won the Colts Elimination final over Dodges Ferry by 12 points.

New Norfolk 2.2 (14) 7.9 (51) 10.11 (71) 12.14 (86)
Hobart 3.1 (19) 5.1 (31) 7.6 (48) 7.6 (48)
Goals - New Norfolk: M. Thompson 5, B. Wardlaw 3, N. Clayton 2, B. Lovell, M. Murray; Hobart: S. Reeves 2, S. Paterson 2, C. Murphy, B. Goninon, B. Allie.
Best - New Norfolk: M. Thompson, J. Gunther, A. Burgess, R. Belcher, K. Hansen, J. Wigg; Hobart: C. Newman, L. Sullivan, J. Horton, M. Fitze, B. Allie, M. Young.

Cygnet 17.12 (114) d Claremont 23.8 (146)

The Port managed a convincing win over the reigning premiers, which sets them up against the dominant Two Blues in this weekend’s Second Semi-Final.

In the Under 18s, Southern Storm defeated the Robins by seven points. It was a close game and the Robins held the lead for the entire first half of the game. Southern Storm finished the third quarter only two points up, but gave it all they had in the final quarter and came out with a win.

The Lindisfarne Two Blues won the Reserves Qualifying final over the Brighton Robins by 28 points.

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