Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Norfolk v Claremont in first semi-final

Southern Football League finals preview - Week 2
Provided by SFL League Management

Claremont v New Norfolk at Abbotsfield Park, 2.30pm Saturday
After a loss last weekend the reigning premiers must reset for the make-or-break in the first semi-final against the Eagles. It’s hard to tell how this game will go but the pressure is definitely on for both teams as they meet for another replay of the 2015 grand final.

New Norfolk is known as Claremont's arch-rival and it will be a thriller of a match to watch as we wait to see if it will end with a result matching last year’s grand final or if the Eagles will come out on top and move on towards another grand final appearance.

Both teams have put in an exceptional amount of effort this season to get to where they are and the Magpies finished much closer to the top of the ladder than the Eagles. But none of that matters as we head into the finals where every kick counts in a cut-throat semi-final clash.

Lindisfarne v Cygnet at Anzac Park, 2pm Saturday
The Two Blues had last weekend off as a reward for finishing at the top of the ladder, but they must be a little nervous going into this weekend’s match against Cygnet.

The Two Blues have had a great season this year, they managed to stay undefeated until the final round when the reigning premiers defeated them by a slim margin. Expectations are high this week as they have the opportunity to redeem themselves and push through to the grand final or take the more treacherous road and face off in a preliminary final game next week.

Cygnet played a great game last weekend with a convincing win over the Magpies. It has a powerful forward line that is nearly impossible to beat at their best. The pressure is on for both teams, as the winner of this match will secure a spot in the grand final, while the other team will meet the winner of the Claremont v New Norfolk match next week.

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