Monday, August 8, 2016

SFL Round 18 match reports

SFL Round 18 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

New Norfolk 16.8 (104) d Dodges Ferry 13.13 (91)
The New Norfolk led Dodges Ferry for the entire match and it wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the Sharks started to catch up but it was too late as the Eagles had already secured the win.

The Eagles had an absolute ripper of a first quarter, which set them up for the entirety of the match. The Eagles were on their A-game as they scored 7.2 (44) compared to the Sharks' 2.1 (13) by the quarter-time siren. The second quarter was a little different. The Sharks started to catch up and more than doubled their score, but the Eagles weren’t scared as they scored another three goals putting them four ahead of the Sharks.

After half-time the Sharks came back stronger and ready to give New Norfolk a good fight, but as they quickly increased their score so did the Eagles. The final quarter held most of the action of the day as Dodges Ferry came up behind the Eagles quickly, but instead of scoring the goals they needed, they finished with 2.5 which just wasn’t enough to close the gap.

At the end of the game New Norfolk came out on top with a 13-point lead after a tough game for both teams. Michael Thompson led the Eagles, topping the team list as the best player while also managing a seven-goal haul; followed by Nic Clayton with four and Jacob Wigg with two. For the Sharks, once again, Brent Dolliver led the pack with four goals, followed by Bradley Jackson with three.

In the U18s, Dodges Ferry played a solid game against the Eagles and came out with a 67-point lead. In the Reserves it was a different story, it was a very close game throughout the entire match but New Norfolk came through in the end with a two-point win.

Claremont 18.12 (120) d Huonville 10.10 (70)
From the first kick of the game the Magpies were on track for a strong victory over the Lions and they did not disappoint. In the Reserves the Magpies scored a 76-point win over the Lions, and in the U18s they had an even bigger win by 101 points.

Sorell 12.12 (84) d Cygnet 11.17 (83)
Cygnet seemed off its game this week. sitting in the fourth position on the ladder, the Port was beaten by the Sorell Eagles who still remain on the bottom of the ladder after gaining victory by one point. In the Reserves, Sorell led the game from the start with the Port only scoring nine points in the first half of the game.

Lindisfarne 16.12 (108) d Hobart 11.7 (73)
Lindisfarne continues its undefeated run in the 2016 season after fears in the third quarter about losing against the Tigers this week. Lindisfarne came out with a strong win in the Under 18s this week, also winning the Reserves with a 67-point win.

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