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Monday, July 18, 2016

Vouchers return to replace free days at the tip

FREE days at the New Norfolk tip are about to come to an end as the Derwent Valley Council implements a series of changes to its waste management practices. Mayor Martyn Evans recently announced that a waste management charge had been introduced and coupons would be issued to replace the system of two free days each month.

Councillor Evans said the changes were necessary to help the council meet the cost burden of waste disposal in the municipality. The price of disposing rubbish at the tip site will rise to $7 for a car boot load or $9 for a stationwagon, van or ute load. The full price list is available on the council website.

The first Saturday and Sunday in August will be the last of the free days at the Peppermint Hill tip site in New Norfolk. These were introduced three years ago in response to alleged abuse of the previous system of vouchers issued to residents living outside the household garbage and recycling collection service.

The new system sees 12 barcoded coupons issued to each ratepayer with their rates notice. Many householders received these last week. Each voucher can be used to dispose of half a cubic metre of domestic waste at the Peppermint Hill tip site or the National Park waste transfer station. There is an expectation that rental property owners should pass the vouchers on to their tenants.

This year's rates notices also include a new charge of $51.50 for each property. "Council has considered it necessary to introduce a waste utility charge which goes some way to covering the costs involved in the disposal of waste," Cr Evans said. "Previously some waste expenses were not readily identifiable, but due to the increasing cost burden it was deemed appropriate to highlight the fact," he said.

What do the neighbours charge?
  • Central Highlands Council: car loads free with tip pass, $15 without; trailer, ute, van, free with tip pass, $20 without. Full list here.
  • Brighton Council $10 for a level ute or trailer load. Full list here.
  • Glenorchy City Council $10 car boot load. Full list here.
  • Huon Valley Council $8 car boot load. Full list here.

1 comment:

  1. Would you consider having a FREE STREET disposable of green waste and a separate one for white goods. This would benefit everybody. Green waste to be no more then a metre long and leaves and weeds etc in a plastic bag, as the winds could cause more problems.