Tuesday, July 26, 2016

SFL Round 16: Eagles fly to third spot on ladder

SFL Round 16 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

New Norfolk 12.15 (87) d Sorell 5.14 (44)
After a close first half, New Norfolk managed to pull away in the second half of Saturday's game at Pembroke Park and secured a big win over Sorell that moved the visitors up to third spot on the ladder.

The first quarter was intense and by the first siren there was only a two-point margin between both teams. New Norfolk was leading but Sorell was constantly on the ball. The ball was at Sorell’s end of the ground more often but inaccurate kicking failed the hometown team.

During the second quarter, both teams were improving their score with every minute that passed, but New Norfolk gave that little bit more and started pushing away from Sorell. It wasn’t until the third quarter that New Norfolk showed its determination and moved comfortably ahead of Sorell. By the end of the third quarter Sorell was trailing by 29 points.

Sorell only managed to score two points in the final term and New Norfolk had completely taken over the game. Sorell put up some defensive effort slowing down New Norfolk’s attempts to reach the goals, but it wasn’t enough and by the final siren New Norfolk finished with a 43-point margin.

Clinton Curtain led New Norfolk’s scoring with four goals, followed by Michael Thompson and Ben Lovell with two each, while for Sorell Sam Russell managed three goals.

Sorell took out a big win in the Reserves, leading New Norfolk for the entire game and ending with a 29-point lead.

New Norfolk 4.0 (24) 7.6 (48) 10.11 (71) 12.15 (87)
Sorell 3.4 (22) 5.9 (39) 5.12 (42) 5.14 (44)
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Curtain 4, B. Lovell 2, M. Thompson 2, R. Belcher, N. Lester, J. Murray, J. Wigg; Sorell: S. Russell 3, T. Pace, B. Campbell.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Clayton, C. Curtain, N. Eiszele, L. Joseph, M. Thompson, J. Murray; Sorell: B. Campbell, J. Tate, B. Walker, R. Gregson, S. Russell, J. McCarthy.

Sorell 3.2 (20) 5.4 (34) 8.5 (53) 10.13 (73)
New Norfolk 3.0 (18) 5.0 (30) 7.2 (44) 7.2 (44)
Goals - Sorell: A. Haw 4, W. Rice 4, A. Jones, R. Batchelor; New Norfolk: J. Ransley 2, N. Heron 2, K. Walker, T. Purdon, A. Minchin.
Best - Sorell: R. Batchelor, J. Williams, A. Haw, S. Pace, A. Jones, K. Barwick; New Norfolk: J. Ackerley, T. Bligh, T. Purdon, N. Coy, J. Hill, A. Triffitt.

Other games

Lindisfarne 5.8 (38) d Cygnet 4.3 (27)
Cygnet put up a good fight and comfortably led for the first half of the game this, taking the Two Blues close to the end of their perfect record so far this season. In the Reserves game the Port battled hard and came out on top, defeating Lindisfarne by 22 points after a slow first half of the match.

Brighton 13.17 (95) d Dodges Ferry 10.9 (69)
The Robins scored a comfortable win over the Sharks after leading the match throughout the game. In the Reserves the Robins managed a 60-point win over the Sharks, while the Under 18s game was a tight contest, with the Sharks taking the win by one point.

Claremont 13.10 (88) d Hobart 2.5 (17)
In terrible conditions a fantastic team effort from the Magpies saw Claremont defeat the Tigers and continue their chase to stay hot on Lindisfarne’s tail on the ladder. In the Reserves it was also another big win to the Magpies, with the Tigers only scoring one point throughout the entire match.

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