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Friday, July 15, 2016

SFL Round 15 preview

Southern Football League match preview
Round 15 - Provided by SFL League Management

Huonville v New Norfolk at Boyer, 2pm Saturday
Huonville and New Norfolk have both been playing good footy lately and there’s only one win between their positions on the ladder so this game tomorrow will be an absolute beauty. Both teams had losses in Round 14 which means they will both be looking to improve on that this week.

The Lions are still sitting in the top three, but with only one win between the third and the sixth position things are looking tough this week for both teams involved. The Lions have played some impressive football this season, and things have been heating up for the Eagles lately so it is hard to say who will come out on top this weekend.

Both teams are desperately after a win, and if New Norfolk wins tomorrow it could see them moving up into the top three, which is exactly where they want to be at this time of the season.

New Norfolk to be selected from: S. Bonnitcha, J. Van-Lierop, J. Gunther, J. Bearman, R. Heron, J. Wigg, M. Rainbird, A. Burgess, N. Eiszele, M. Murray, K. Hansen, B. Wardlaw, B. Lovell, N. Lester, C. Curtain, R. Thompson, J. Murray, L. Joseph, N. Clayton, R. Belcher, T. Eiszele, M. Thompson.

Huonville to be selected from: N. McQueen, B. Page, T. Jackman , T. Barnett, H. Watson, A. Ford, C. Johns, M. Duggan, S. Watson, F. Reeve, A. Vincent, J. Huizing, M. Schenk, C. Elliot, A. Johns, W. Dean, J. Schreck, W. Armstrong, J. Barry, P. Kelly, J. Steele, T. Lamprill.

Claremont v Brighton at Abbotsfield Park, 2pm
These teams are on opposite ends of the ladder and need to play hard to get any wins they can still manage before the finals. Both teams are in need of a win, although the reigning premiers sit in a much more comfortable position than the Robins.

Lindisfarne v Dodges Ferry at Anzac Park, 2pm
Lindisfarne and Dodges Ferry always put up a good contest when they play, but with the Two Blues undefeated all season it appears clear who will win this one. Whatever the final outcome of this game, hopefully both teams will put up a good fight and it will be a tight contest.

Cygnet v Hobart at TCA Ground, 2pm
There’s only one win separating Cygnet and Hobart on the ladder at the moment. Both teams will be hoping for a win tomorrow as they sit in the large middle pack on the ladder and need to prove they can advance forward into September action.

BYE: Sorell

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