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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

SFL match reports - Round 15

SFL Round 15 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

New Norfolk 19.14 (128) d Huonville 9.11 (65)
After a close start to the game, the Eagles were able to pull away and score a big win over the Lions on Saturday. By quarter-time they were going head to head, the ball was all over the field and it was easy to see that both teams were eager to win this game. New Norfolk finished the quarter in the lead, but the Lions were only one point behind.

At the start of the second quarter, it was all the Eagles with their efficient goal kicking, but it didn’t take long for the Lions to start fighting back. The Lions worked their way back into the game but it wasn’t enough to catch up and by half-time they were three goals behind.

At half time Eagles coach Matthew Smith told his team to keep up the pressure and effort by maintaining their structures while also reaching their tackle target. Huonville coach Tim Lamprill brought his players together and asked them to get the first goal and make sure they were in touch at three-quarter-time.

During the third term the Eagles flew ahead of the Lions with a great quarter, setting them up for the rest of the game. When the three quarter time siren sounded New Norfolk held a strong 39-point lead. As the fourth quarter got under way the Eagles were soaring, and played a dominant final term.

Eagles Clinton Curtain, Jacob Wigg, and Rohan Heron all went home with a three-goal haul whilst for the Lions Chris Elliot held the lead with four goals to his name.

In both the Reserves and Colts game the Eagles came out with a win. The Reserves match was a tight contest, but the Eagles held on for an eight-point win.

New Norfolk 4.1 (25) 10.3 (63) 15.6 (96) 19.14 (128)
Huonville 3.6 (24) 6.9 (45) 8.9 (57) 9.11 (65)
Goals - New Norfolk: R. Heron 3, J. Wigg 3, C. Curtain 3, B. Wardlaw 2, N. Clayton 2, J. Bearman 2, M. Thompson, N. Eiszele, J. Van-Lierop, R. Belcher; Huonville: C. Elliot 4, M. Paul, J. Steele, T. Barnett, N. McQueen, T. Lamprill.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Wigg, M. Rainbird, C. Curtain, N. Clayton, L. Joseph, J. Bearman; Huonville: A. Johns, C. Elliot, T. Barnett, S. Watson, J. Lovell, A. Vincent.

New Norfolk 3.2 (20) 3.2 (20) 7.3 (45) 8.4 (52)
Huonville 1.2 (8) 4.4 (28) 4.8 (32) 6.8 (44)
Goals - New Norfolk: T. Purdon 3, T. Triffett 2, Z. Harris 2, D. Triffett; Huonville: A. Duggan 2, B. Triffett, C. Bone, C. Phillips, K. Wright.
Best - New Norfolk: Players: T. Triffett, T. Bligh, C. Ransley, D. Triffett, Z. Harris, J. Munnings; Huonville: K. Thomas, C. Coert, J. Pedder, A. Crowe, B. Conlan, A. Duggan

New Norfolk 5.1 (31) 5.1 (31) 6.7 (43) 9.11 (65)
Huonville 1.5-(11) 6.5 (41) 6.6 (42) 7.6 (48)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Graham 2, J. Ransley 2, T. Heron 2, J. Evans, J. Russell, S. Upton; Huonville: B. Triffett 3, C. Rose 2, J. Phillips, R. Castro.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Ransley, J. Fisher-Cooley, T. Heron, D. Morgan, B. Tomlin, S. Upton; Huonville: T. Clark, T. Campisi , C. Woolley, B. Triffett, S. Roberts, K. Wright

Other games

Claremont 13.15 (93) d Brighton 8.13 (61)
The reigning premiers bagged a win against the Robins but Brighton continued to show a strength and determination not seen for most of the season. Claremont managed to take out both the Reserves and the Under 18s as well.

Lindisfarne 20.13 (133) d Dodges Ferry 9.9 (63)
The Two Blues aren’t slowing down for anybody this season with another 10-goal-plus victory. Dodges Ferry contested well in the first quarter, but the wrath of Lindisfarne was too much to handle.  The Two Blues got wins in all three games in Round 15, including a 69-point win over Dodges Ferry in the Reserves.

Cygnet 26.14 (170) d Hobart 8.7 (55)
Cygnet completely destroyed Hobart in what may have been its greatest victory of the season. It was clear that the Port was going to win from the start as they had already scored an impressive score of 10.5 (65) to Hobart’s 2.1 (13) by the end of the first quarter. Hobart defeated Cygnet in the Reserves while in the Under 18s Southern Storm had a huge 123-point win.

BYE: Sorell

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