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SFL match reports - Round 14

SFL Round 14 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

Brighton 17.7 (109) d New Norfolk 11.11 (77)
New Norfolk’s winning streak of the last few weeks came to an end on Saturday - much to everybody’s surprise - as the Brighton Robins scored their first win since Round.

The first half of the match was action-packed. The Robins finished the first quarter leading New Norfolk by 15 points and the margin only widened from there. It was good to see the determination in the Robins camp when they sensed their effort gave them a chance of winning this game.

During the second quarter the Robins managed a six-goal haul compared to the Eagles who only managed two. The third term had everybody’s heart racing as the Eagles started fighting back, scoring 5.5 to the Robins 3.4. But it wasn’t quite enough for the Eagles to catch up as the Robins still sat ahead with a 27-point lead.

The final quarter was a tight contest as both teams were keen to get their hands on the ball and improve their score. The Eagles couldn’t turn the three-quarter deficit around as the Robins stayed on their toes and showed their home ground supporters the effort and determination that has been missing from previous weeks.

Zak Bird led the Robins with a massive six-goal haul throughout the game, followed by Callen Daly, Trent Arnold and Luke Adams who managed to score two each. For the Eagles, Ben Lovell, Nic Clayton and Clinton Curtain finished with two each.

In the Colts variation game, New Norfolk scored a 31-point win over Hobart, while in the Reserves Brighton 10.15 (75) easily accounted for New Norfolk 2.1 (13).

Brighton 5.1 (31) 11.2 (68) 14.6 (90) 17.7 (109)
New Norfolk 2.4 (16) 4.4 (28) 9.9 (63) 11.11 (77)
Goals - Brighton: Z. Bird 6, C. Daly 2, T. Arnold 2, L. Adams 2, D. Grant, W. Booth, J. Chapple, B. Steele, J. Whitford; New Norfolk: N. Clayton 2, C. Curtain 2, B. Lovell 2, B. Wardlaw, R. Heron, R. Thompson, R. Belcher, J. Murray.
Best - Brighton: S. Stewart, R. Randall, C. Daly, L. Adams, Z. Bird, H. Parker; New Norfolk: B. Lovell, T. Eiszele, J. Murray, N. Lester.

Brighton 4.4 (28) 5.11 (41) 7.14 (56) 10.15 (75)
New Norfolk 1.0 (6) 1.0 (6) 2.0 (12) 2.1 (13)
Goals - Brighton: A. Whitford 3, D. Cragg 3, T. Cockshutt 2, C. Edgecock 2; New Norfolk: L. Wheeler 2.
Best - Brighton: J. Smith, A. Whitford, C. Cairnduff, T. Branch, J. Ling, T. Grant; New Norfolk: T. Bligh, A. Minchin, C. Ransley, M. Jones, T. Purdon, T. Triffett.

New Norfolk 1.3 (9) 3.5 (23) 5.7 (37) 6.9 (45)
Hobart 0.2 (2) 0.2 (2) 1.6 (12) 1.8 (14)
Best - New Norfolk: J. Campbell, T. Heron, A. York, J. Fisher-Cooley, L. Crosswell, S. Upton;
Hobart: I. Hovington, H. Fish, J. Aram, J. Marshall, J. Grandfield, D. Upton.
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Wilton 3, J. Graham 2, Z. Triffett; Hobart: J. Aram. 

Other games

Lindisfarne 19.9 (123) d Huonville 10.6 (66)
A 57-point win to the Two Blues on Saturday put them three games clear at the top of the ladder. Lindisfarne remains undefeated in all 14 rounds so far, and with only six to go. The Two Blues also had big wins in the Reserves and Colts games. In the Under 18s the Lions were defeated by a massive 99 points, while in the Reserves Lindisfarne had a 59-point win.

Cygnet 15.11 (101) d Dodges Ferry 11.16 (82)
Cygnet defeated Dodges Ferry in a very tight contest. Ex-AFL player Jason Laycock was the leading goal-kicker, managing to kick five of Cygnet's 15 goals. Dodges Ferry had a huge 65-point over Cygnet in the Reserves, and in the Colts game the Sharks took out Southern Storm 12.11 (83) to 6.1 (37).

Sorell 13.16 (94) d Hobart 10.15 (75)
Sorell won its second game of the season and even though it didn’t move up the ladder, it did send the Tigers down. Sorell also took out the Reserves game, beating Hobart by 15 points. William Rice finished with a five-goal haul for Sorell.

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