Saturday, July 23, 2016

Road hazards and closures today

Looking up Braslins Rd at Black Hills late this morning. Take care on all elevated roads this weekend.
POLICE advise motorists to drive according to the conditions at all times and to be aware that on country roads especially, those conditions can change quickly because of things like ice, snow, fallen trees, fallen power lines and flooding.

Local road hazards and closures as of 11.29am, Saturday, July 23:
  • Collins Cap Rd, Collinsvale – road closed due to heavy snow and motor vehicle crash, other vehicles stranded – CLOSED at Collinsvale
  • Lake Dobson Rd, National Park visitor centre to Lake Dobson/Mt Field, due to snow – 4wd drive access only. Visitors please call in to the Visitor Centre at National Park before proceeding to Lake Dobson or call them on 6288 1149 for road condition updates.
  • Lake St Clair Rd, Derwent Bridge to Lake St Clair – 4wd access only
  • Lyell Hwy, Black Bobs to Derwent Bridge -heavy snow – 4wd access only
  • Marlborough Hwy, Miena to Bronte Park, heavy now – 4wd access only
  • Gordon River Rd, Maydena – drive with caution, ice and trees on road
Click here for the full list and updates from Tasmania Police

Snowy scenery off Black Hills Rd above New Norfolk.

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