Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Eagles win grand final replay

SFL Round 13 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

New Norfolk 9.14 (68) d Claremont 7.5 (47)
Expected to be a win to Claremont, this match backfired on the Magpies and turned into a strong win to the New Norfolk that returned Boyer Oval to the fortress it once was.

The Eagles have completely turned their season around in the last few rounds and Saturday's win came as a surprise to many. New Norfolk claimed the win in a thriller of a match, which was effectively a replay of last year's grand final. The victory moves the Eagles up to fourth place on the ladder.

The Eagles didn’t score a goal in the first quarter and were sitting 10 points behind the Magpies by the quarter-time siren. But deep into the second quarter the Eagles came back to play, scoring three goals to the Magpies' one by half-time.

The Eagles came back stronger than ever after the big break, showing the Magpies the talent and strength they’ve been promising all season. During the third quarter New Norfolk managed to lift its score to 6.10 (46) while the Magpies sat on 5.5 (35). The Eagles had the ball in the forward half for most of the time but wasted a lot of kicks, finishing with points instead of goals.

In the fourth quarter the Magpies came back out trying to regain the lead, but the reigning premiers could not match the Eagles this time. The Eagles finished with a 4.4 haul in the fourth quarter, while the Magpies only managed a single goal.

For the Magpies, Jack Crossin led the way with two goals, and for New Norfolk Michael Thompson and Clint Curtain finished with two each.

In the Reserves game the Magpies completely destroyed New Norfolk 23.8 (146) to 2.0 (12), with another impressive eight-goal haul from Ricky Martin. Claremont also got a big win in the Under 18s game, defeating the Eagles by 82 points.

New Norfolk 0.3 (3) 3.3 (21) 6.10 (46) 9.14 (68)
Claremont 2.1 (13) 3.2 (20) 5.5 (35) 7.5 (47)

Goals - New Norfolk: C. Curtain 2, M. Thompson 2, B. Wardlaw, J. Wigg, R. Belcher, J. Ransley, N. Clayton; Claremont: J. Crossin 2, S. Salter, D. Fewkes, W. Byers, C. Novy, T. Goodsell.
Best - New Norfolk: B. Wardlaw, J. Murray, K. Hansen, R. Heron, R. Thompson, M. Thompson;
Claremont: J. County, M. Allison, W. Byers, S. Jones, N. Matthews, Z. Graham

Claremont 4.2 (26) 11.2 (68) 17.5 (107) 23.8 (146)
New Norfolk 1.0 (6) 1.0 (6) 1.0 (6) 2.0 (12)
Goals - Claremont: R. Martin 8, T. Pennicott 5, M. Bird 2, S. Woods 2, K. Jones 2, R. Stocks, J. Hobden, J. Negri, M. Siely; New Norfolk: L. Wheeler, K. Walker.
Best - Claremont: S. Woods, J. Hobden, T. Pennicott, R. Martin, M. Bird, B. Morley; New Norfolk: A. Minchin, J. Kelly, J. Papera, C. Miles, D. Triffett, L. Wheeler.

New Norfolk 0.0 (0) 0.1 (1) 1.5 (11) 1.8 (14)
Claremont 2.3 (15) 6.7 (43) 10.10 (70) 14.12 (96)
Goals - Claremont: C. Howard 7, T. Williams-Wheeler, J. Mann, M. McPherson, W. Lockley, N. Davis, J. Del Carmen, C. King; New Norfolk: J. Fisher-Cooley.
Best - Claremont: K. Murtagh-Rogers, J. Harris, C. King, J. Mann, C. Howard, W. Lockley; New Norfolk: J. Bearman, B. Pauly, D. Morgan, B. Tomlin, Z. Crosswell, S. Upton.

Other games:

Lindisfarne 15.14 (104) d Brighton 7.10 (52)
The Two Blues remain undefeated beyond the half-way mark of the season as they doubled the Robins' score in their game on Saturday. In the Reserves, Lindisfarne 11.10 (76) defeated the Robins 7.13 (55), while in the Under 18s game Brighton managed to get on top of the Two Blues for a close 7-point win.

Huonville 18.10 (118) d Cygnet 12.18 (90)
A massive crowd watched the second Battle of the Huon for this season where the Lions took out the Port in a heated contest. In the Reserves, the Lions took out a 42-point win while in the Under 18s Southern Storm destroyed the Lions in a 96-point win.

Dodges Ferry 19.8 (122) d Sorell 8.13 (61)
Sorell remains anchored on the bottom of the ladder after a big loss to Dodges Ferry on Saturday. Earlier in the day, Sorell took out the Reserves game in a tight contest.

BYE: Hobart

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