Thursday, July 21, 2016

Council rethink sees tip vouchers revalued

THE face value of the Derwent Valley Council's newly-introduced waste disposal vouchers has been doubled following uncertainty over their original value.

Distributed to ratepayers early last week, there was nothing on the vouchers to indicate how much waste could be disposed of using a single coupon. A "frequently asked questions" document issued by the council - but not delivered with the vouchers - explained that 12 vouchers entitled the bearer to dispose of six cubic metres of domestic waste, or half a cubic metre per coupon.

Uncertainty over the value of each voucher caused consternation at the New Norfolk tip gate and it was not immediately clear if they could be used at National Park at all. At the same time, fees at both sites went up from $5 to $7 for a car boot load. Entry fees for stationwagons, vans, utes and trailers also increased.

Mayor Martyn Evans and general manager Greg Winton today announced that each voucher would now entitle the bearer to deposit one cubic metre of domestic waste at either the Peppermint Hill tip site in New Norfolk or the waste transfer station off Gordon River Rd at National Park.

This is a doubling of the original allowance of half a cubic metre per voucher. With a gate price of $10 per cubic metre at the tip site, Cr Evans said the decision valued each ratepayer's allocation of 12 vouchers at $120.

"An evaluation of neighbouring council areas shows that waste disposal in the Derwent Valley remains the among most inexpensive in the region," Cr Evans said. "It is also worth noting that even with a modest increase to $10 per cubic metre for the gate price, this is still about half of the actual cost to the council," he said.

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