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SFL match reports - Round 12

SFL Round 12 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

New Norfolk 13.8 (86) d Cygnet 8.10 (58)
Despite the Eagles being three places behind the Port on the ladder they managed to claim their best and most convincing win of the season on Saturday. This was a thriller of a game as New Norfolk shocked everybody watching with their form turnaround and took out the win against Cygnet.

The Eagles led the game from the start, managing a 10-point lead at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter was all about the Eagles as they showed everybody at the ground how to use the home ground advantage to perfection.

In the third quarter, Cygnet narrowed the margin but still could only come within 13 points of the Eagles. By the time the third-quarter siren sounded the Port had managed five goals, while New Norfolk only claimed one but still managed to hold the lead.

During the fourth quarter the Port had more than enough opportunities to take the lead over the Eagles but due to their inaccurate kicking and New Norfolk’s strong defence they remained goalless.

Rohan Heron and Michael Thompson kicked three goals each for the Eagles, while Jacob Wigg and Clint Curtain finished with two for the game.

In the Reserves game Cygnet held on to a 26-point lead, while in the Under 18s Southern Storm managed a 68-point win over New Norfolk.

New Norfolk 3.0 (18) 9.2 (56) 10.6 (66) 13.8 (86)
Cygnet 1.2 (8) 3.4 (22) 8.5 (53) 8.10 (58)
Goals - New Norfolk: R. Heron 3, M. Thompson 3, J. Wigg 2, C. Curtain 2, B. Wardlaw, J. Van-Lierop, A. Burgess; CygnetC. Nield, B. Hayes, G. Quirk, W. Ford, D. Millhouse, M. Cane, T. Bakes, J. Laycock.
Best - New Norfolk: R. Thompson, J. Wigg, N. Lester, B. King, T. Eiszele, B. Wardlaw; Cygnet: C. Wilcox, C. Nield, T. Cowen, M. Direen, W. Ford, K. Nielsen.

Cygnet 4.1 (25) 5.4 (34) 7.7 (49) 9.7 (61)
New Norfolk 0.4 (4) 1.8 (14) 2.8 (20) 4.11 (35)
Goals - Cygnet: B. Carver 4, S. Burgess 2, J. Bester 2, J. Direen; New Norfolk: J. Papera 2, K. Walker, M. Jones.
Best - Cygnet: D. Donato, P. Ford, J. Direen, B. Smith, J. Bester, B. Carver; New Norfolk: C. Ransley, T. Bligh, J. Papera, J. Pregnell, J. Hill, N. Coy.

Southern Storm 5.2 (32) 10.3 (63) 11.4 (70) 13.7 (85)
New Norfolk 1.0 (6) 1.0 (6) 2.5 (17) 2.5 (17)
Goals - Southern Storm: J. Direen 6, J. Dance 3, B. Lane 2, K. Russell, J. Brereton; New Norfolk: A. McKenzie, J. Russell.
Best - Southern Storm: J. Gordon, L. O'Neill, P. O'Neill, N. Duggan, C. Gane, J. Direen; New Norfolk: T. Heron, J. Evans, J. Fisher-Cooley, J. Graham, J. Campbell, J. Russell.

Other games

Claremont 15.17 (107) d Sorell 6.4 (40)
From not long into the game it was clear Sorell did not stand a chance as the Magpies set about securing their ninth win. The reigning premiers had a 15-point lead at quarter time and as the game went on the margin kept getting bigger. In the Reserves match the Magpies played an unbelievable game of football defeating the Sorell Eagles 20.22 (142) to 0.1 (1).

Huonville 17.16 (118) d Dodges Ferry 6.5 (41)
The Lions took out a 77-point win and moved up into third spot on the ladder. In the Reserves the Lions claimed the win with a nine-point victory after a tight game, while Dodges Ferry took out the Under 18 game with a 40-point win.

Hobart 13.9 (87) d Brighton 8.14 (62)
The Tigers played a strong game of football and took out a comfortable win over the Robins. In the Reserves game the Robins managed a 15-point win, while in the Under 18s they gained a massive 87-point win over the Tigers.

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