Monday, June 6, 2016

Boil-water alert for Westerway and National Park

National Park. Click
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HEALTH authorities have advised the public to avoid all contact with floodwaters where possible as they may be contaminated by sewage overflows and animal waste.

Acting director of public health Mark Veitch said dirty water, mud and silt from floods can cause a range of conditions, including gastro and skin and soft-tissue infections.

“Where possible people should avoid contact with floodwaters," Dr Veitch said. “If you do come into contact with floodwaters wash your hands and change any contaminated clothing, particularly before preparing or eating food.”

The Department of Health and Human Services has issued a temporary boil-water alert for National Park, Westerway and Fentonbury due to a temporary inability of TasWater to adequately treat the drinking water system in the area.

Dr Veitch said people who lived where a boil-water alert was in place and who could not boil water because of a power failure should not consume the water.

He said these people should use an alternate source like bottled water. “If you can boil your water, you should boil enough to last through anticipated power outages. Also boil your water before use if you notice your water is unusually discoloured,” he said.

Dr Veitch said any cuts and scratches picked up in a flood-affected area should be cleaned immediately and covered to avoid infection. “You need to seek medical attention if any such cut becomes painful and red, and if you develop a fever. And make sure your immunisations, especially tetanus, are up-to-date.”

National Park.
Click here for more information on temporary boil water alerts.

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