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SFL football - Round 7 report

Eagles coach Matthew Smith addressing his players.
SFL Round 7 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

STRONG winds at the TCA Ground last Saturday didn’t slow the Eagles as they secured a win against Hobart.  Both teams were constantly on the ball and fighting hard for the win, but New Norfolk proved to be that little bit stronger.

New Norfolk looked to have the win in the bag from the first quarter, leaving Hobart with a measly two points while the Eagles led with 41. As the game went on Hobart slowly started closing the margin, but it only really started to show in the fourth quarter that the Tigers caught up and narrowed the margin.

Eagles coach Matthew Smith was constantly encouraging his players to get back on top and stay in the lead as Hobart started to catch up. On the other side of the game, Tigers coach Steven Woods was telling his boys to play their own role and make a move in the second half to close the margin.

In the last 10 minutes of the game the Tigers piled on six goals and finished the game with only a four-point deficit. Daniel Huxley excelled as he kicked seven of his side's 14 goals.

For the Eagles, Clinton Curtain and Blair Wardlaw up forward showed some of the talent New Norfolk has been hiding this season.

In the Reserves, after a game of going back and forth with the lead Hobart took out the win over New Norfolk, while and in the Under 18 variation fixture Lindisfarne was winning throughout the first two quarters but then the Eagles came back and took out the win.

New Norfolk 6.5 (41) 9.7 (61) 12.13 (85) 14.15 (99)
Hobart 0.2 (2) 4.6 (30) 6.7 (43) 14.11 (95)
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Curtain 5, B. Wardlaw 4, M. Thompson 2, N. Lester, J. Campbell, J. Murray; Hobart: D. Huxley 7, L. Sullivan 2, T. Langdale, D. Jetson, H. Triffett, A. Henderson, S. Gray.
Best - New Norfolk: M. Thompson, B. Wardlaw, C. Curtain, J. Gunther, J. Van-Lierop, R. Thompson; Hobart: M. Fitze, D. Huxley, S. Reeves, L. Sullivan, H. Triffett, T. Langdale.

Hobart 2.2 (14) 4.3 (27) 9.3 (57) 11.4 (70)
New Norfolk 3.1 (19) 6.3 (39) 7.5 (47) 10.6 (66)
Goals - Hobart: M. Beck 3, D. Woodcock 2, M. Collis 2, M. Webb, T. Davies, T. Butler, J. McGee; New Norfolk:  J. Wallner 3, D. Triffett 2, T. Jarvis 2, M. Webb, J. Walsh, C. Ransley.
Best - Hobart: T. Butler, J. McGee, D. Woodcock, B. Bennett, A. Fitzgerald, J. Young; New Norfolk: J. Ackerley, C. Ransley, T. Triffett, D. Triffett, J. Walsh, J. Wallner.

Lindisfarne 4.3 (27) 7.6 (48) 9.8 (62) 13.11 (89)
New Norfolk 3.1 (19) 4.3 (27) 5.4 (34) 8.5 (53)
Goals - Lindisfarne: D. Bradford 6, O. Riseley 2, W. McCullagh, J. Gardner, N. Foster, C. Spong, J. Tinning; New Norfolk: J. Evans 3, T. Heron 3, D. Morgan, L. Crosswell.
Best - Lindisfarne: K. Goninon, K. Johnson, O. Riseley, D. Bradford, N. Foster, T. Wiggins; New Norfolk: B. Pauly, R. Thomason, Z. Crosswell, D. Keleher, L. Crosswell, J. Evans.

Other games:

Huonville 14.17 (101) d Brighton 11.14 (80) 
After a close first half, Huonville managed to run away from the Robins in the third quarter. Earlier, Brighton defeated Huonville in both the Under 18s and Reserves games.

Lindisfarne 12.21 (93) d Sorell 6.7 (43)
Lindisfarne continued its undefeated run this season, leaving Sorell as the only team yet to secure a win. The Two Blues also took the win in the Under 18s and the Reserves.

Claremont 26.19 (175) d Dodges Ferry 6.11 (47)
The Magpies destroyed Dodges Ferry at Shark Park, led by an eight-goal haul by Jack Crossin. In the Reserves the Magpies were victors over Dodges Ferry by 125 points, while in the Under 18’s Claremont won by 32 points.

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