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SFL football - Round 6 report

SFL Round 6 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

Huonville has extended New Norfolk’s unusually rough start to the season. The Lions were in the lead from the start on Saturday, finishing the first quarter six goals ahead of the Eagles. The home side held this lead throughout the entire game.

The Eagles came close to narrowing the margin at the end of the third quarter where they were only eight points behind, but Huonville proved to be that little bit stronger and showed a determination to pull through and widen the lead again by the final siren.

Michael Paul came out as best player for the Lions for the second week in a row, proving to be one of the strongest power forwards in the League this year. Paul managed to kick a big haul of eight goals throughout the game and was never far from the ball.

For the Eagles, Rohan Heron, Michael Thompson and Clinton Curtain led the scoring with three goals each. Congratulations to Ben Lovell of New Norfolk for playing his 100th senior game and to Chris Bomford of Huonville who played his 100th game.

Huonville also came out on top in both the Reserves and Colts games, continuing the Eagles' difficult start to the season for the Eagles. The margins were 68 points in the Reserves game and 36 points in the Colts.

Huonville 7.1 (43) 9.6 (60) 13.10 (88) 19.14 (128)
New Norfolk 1.5 (11) 6.7 (43) 11.14 (80) 13.16 (94)
Goals - Huonville: M. Paul 8, D. Garth 3, B. Sullivan 3, T. Lamprill 2, A. Vincent, J. Huizing, M. Schenk; New Norfolk: R. Heron 3, M. Thompson 3, C. Curtain 3, N. Lester, N. Clayton, J. Van-Lierop, M. Smith.
Best - Huonville: M. Paul, C. Johns, W. Armstrong, A. Johns, M. Schenk, A. Vincent; New Norfolk: M. Thompson, N. Lester, J. Van-Lierop, C. Curtain, T. Eiszele, B. Lovell.

Huonville 7.0 (42) 10.4 (64) 11.7 (73) 15.14 (104)
New Norfolk 0.0 (0) 2.3 (15) 4.6 (30) 5.6 (36)
Goals - Huonville: P. Garth 5, D. Mulder 2, J. Barry 2, K. Doyle 2, T. Griggs, A. Duggan, B. Guy, C. Bomford; New Norfolk: T. Triffett 2, D. Triffett, A. Triffitt, J. Walsh.
Best - Huonville: A. Duggan, W. Dean, M. Wolfert, D. Mulder, J. Barry, K. Doyle; New Norfolk:  D. Triffett, T. Bligh, T. Duggan, C. Ransley, J. Ackerley, A. Minchin.

Huonville 3.2 (20) 5.2 (32) 8.7 (55) 11.9 (75)
New Norfolk 1.1 (7) 3.2 (20) 4.2 (26) 6.3 (39)
Goals - Huonville: B. Page 3, E. Monks 2, N. McQueen, T. McDonald, R. Ward, C. Smith, N. Mommers, B. Triffett; New Norfolk: J. Russell 3, D. Smith, A. McKenzie, J. Evans.
Best - Huonville: B. Page, K. Wright, R. Ward, B. Callaghan, T. Campisi, S. Roberts; New Norfolk: B. Tomlin, D. Keleher, J. Fisher-Cooley, R. Thomason, L. Crosswell, J. Russell.

Other games:

Hobart 14.10 (94) d Cygnet 11.11 (77)
This was an absolute thriller of a game at Kermandie. After having the scores locked on 1.3 (9) at the first break, the Tigers managed to push ahead and secured the a win. In the Reserves Hobart won by 53 points and in the Under 18s Southern Storm demolished Hobart by 112 points.

Claremont 22.11.143 defeated Brighton 9.10.64
Claremont ventured up to Pontville on Saturday and managed to move up to second on the ladder following a win against the Robins. The Magpies also won the Reserves and Under 18s games.

Lindisfarne 9.23.77 defeated Dodges Ferry 9.12.66
The Two Blues continue the 2016 season undefeated after a ripper of a game at Shark Park at the weekend. Dodges Ferry held a three-point lead at the first break, but that didn’t last long as the Two Blues pushed forward and gained the lead which held out for the rest of the game. In the Reserves Lindisfarne left Dodges Ferry feeling flat at the final siren winning by 53 points while earlier in the Colts game there was a draw with the final score being 11.7 (73) for both teams.

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