Friday, May 27, 2016

Security cameras for New Norfolk

A NETWORK of security cameras will keep watch over New Norfolk's central business district and the town's biggest recreational area following the awarding of a federal grant to the Derwent Valley Council.

More than a decade after they were first proposed, five closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras will be installed in the High St area and a further three at Tynwald Park, funded by a $48,000 allocation from round two of the Federal Government's Safer Streets Program.

The allocation was announced earlier this week by the Federal Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan MHR, along with the Federal Member for Lyons, Eric Hutchinson MHR. "The Safer Streets Program supports communities to help address crime and anti-social behaviour, and boost crime prevention initiatives to keep our communities safer," Mr Hutchinson said.

"Under this funding commitment, the Derwent Valley Council will receive $47,957 for the installation of five CCTV cameras on High St and three CCTV cameras in Tynwald Park in New Norfolk," he said.

"The best outcome for any community is to reduce the fear of crime and contribute to greater community safety and resilience. Knowing our parks and streets are safer also encourages the community to become more involved in those spaces knowing both they and their work are protected," Mr Hutchinson said.

Mr Keenan said funding for the Safer Streets program was drawn from the government's Proceeds of Crime Account – money taken from criminals and reinvested into prevention of further crime.

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  1. About time! Has been more than a decade of waiting tho and I reckon there is more needed than has been proposed. I recall several taking their own actions by videoing larrikins in the High street at least 20+ years ago and good on them too. How about some of the businesses coughing up as well?