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Monday, April 25, 2016

SFL 2016 - Round 4 report

SFL Round 4 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

WHAT was expected to be a hotly contested grand-final replay match between the Magpies and the Eagles turned out to be quite the opposite. Claremont led the match all day and wasn’t threatened by New Norfolk at any stage.

Speaking to the Mercury following the game, Magpies coach David Hunt said the main focus of the match had been to respond to the previous week's loss.  The return to form once again proved the Magpies are most likely going to be the team to beat again this season.

While the premiers are back on track, it was another blow for New Norfolk leaving the Eagles on the bottom of the ladder with no wins this season so far. “It’s a pretty disappointing result for us, but we were beaten fair and square out there, there’s no other way of putting it," Eagles coach Matthew Smith told the Mercury.

The Magpies had the win set up at half time, leading  by 40 points and converting nine times from 11 scoring shots. As always Sean Salter stood out for the Magpies, kicking five goals. Ashley Burgess led the Eagles on the scoreboard with two majors.

Claremont won all of three their games on Saturday. In the reserves the Magpies left a devastated New Norfolk reeling after a 123 defeat, while in the Under 18s the final siren went with Claremont defeating New Norfolk.

Claremont 3.1 (19) 9.2 (56) 14.5 (89) 20.7 (127)
New Norfolk 0.3 (3) 2.4 (16) 3.8 (26) 7.10 (52)
Goals - Claremont: S. Salter 5, C. Novy 3, S. Hobden 3, D. Fewkes 2, N. Griffith, M. Allison, B. Barwick, J. Crossin, B. Bester, S. Jones, C. Jetson; New Norfolk: A. Burgess 2, J. Wigg, M. Thompson, R. Heron, K. Walker, J. King.
Best - Claremont: N. Griffith, S. Hobden, D. Hunt, N. Hobden, M. Allison, B. Bester; New Norfolk: B. Wardlaw, M. Thompson, A. Burgess, J. Wessing, J. Gunther, J. Murray..

Claremont 4.7 (31) 11.9 (75) 12.15 (87) 18.22 (130)
New Norfolk 0.0 (0) 1.1 (7) 1.1 (7) 1.1 (7)
Goals - Claremont: R. Martin 6, M. Bird 3, N. Burdon 2, M. Carr 2, J. Price, J. Negri, W. Byers, S. Woods, J. Brown; New Norfolk: N. Heron.
Best - Claremont: S. Woods, N. Burdon, W. Byers, R. Martin, J. Negri, M. Hamilton; New Norfolk: C. Ransley, D. King, C. Miles, T. Jarvis, J. Foster, T. Bligh.

Claremont 3.3 (21) 5.7 (37) 12.9 (81) 16.11 (107)
New Norfolk 0.1 (1) 3.1 (19) 3.1 (19) 3.3 (21)
Goals - Claremont: J. Santi 5, C. Howard 2, T. Goodsell 2, K. Murtagh-Rogers, R. Smith, N. Davis, J. Conway, J. Harris, J. Mann, M. McPherson; New Norfolk: J. Russell, L. Crosswell, D. Morgan.
Best - Claremont: R. Smith, J. Conway, C. King, K. Murtagh-Rogers, T. Goodsell, Z. Baynton; New Norfolk: A. York, J. Fisher-Cooley, Z. Triffett, D. Keleher, L. Crosswell, D. Coppleman

In the other games:

Cygnet 13.10 (88) d Huonville 12.12 (84) 
In  a thriller of a match Cygnet just proved itself to be that little bit stronger, hanging on to win in the last quarter.  Earlier in the day Huonville came through with a win in the Reserves by 80 points while in the Colts Huonville won by a solitary goal.

Lindisfarne 19.14 (128) d Brighton 5.9 (39)
After this match at Pontville, Lindisfarne remains the only undefeated team of the season. Even with the home ground advantage the Robins could not compete with Lindisfarne’s sheer determination and power running. Brighton took the points in both the Reserves and the Under 18s.

Dodges Ferry 16.18 (112) d Sorell 6.14 (50)
Sorell took the lead in the first quarter but it didn’t take long for Dodges Ferry to turn things around. It was a similar result in the Reserves where Dodges Ferry took the win by 89 points.

BYE: Hobart

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