Monday, April 11, 2016

SFL 2016 - Round 2 report

SFL Round 2 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

AN extra week of preparation clearly made an impact for the Two Blues players in their first outing as they defeated New Norfolk by 63 points at Boyer on Saturday. Lindisfarne dominated from the get-go.

Oliver Rand for Lindisfarne kicked four majors and was the leading goal scorer of the game, whilst Rohan Heron finished with two for New Norfolk. Lindisfarne had winners everywhere but defender David Clark was a dominant figure with 14 marks in defence and young midfielders Matthew Howell and Jack Anning also impressed. Brandon King was named the Eagles' best player.

The win is an indication that Lindisfarne is a genuine contender this season. “It’s a great start to go up there and beat a side that’s been the powerhouse of the competition for a long time,” Lindisfarne coach Daniel Willing told the Mercury after the match.  “It’s good to win your first game to get you off to a good start. We’ll bank that, go away and recover this week and get ready to play Claremont at Anzac Park on Saturday. This was our first game so there was a bit of nervous energy. "

New Norfolk's senior side has lost the first two rounds of the 2016 season, which would be disappointing to their faithful supporters after finishing runners up last year, but they still have plenty of time to re-group and make up for a poor start to the campaign.

Lindisfarne dominated New Norfolk by more than 100 points in both the Reserves and Under 18s matches.

Lindisfarne  2.4 (16)  6.5 (41)  11.9 (75)  14.10 (94)
New Norfolk  0.3 (3)  3.4 (22)  3.4 (22)  4.7 (31)
Goals - Lindisfarne: O. Rand 4, T. Cunliffe 2, J. Anning 2, M. Howell 2, B. Fazackerley 2, J. McPherson, A. Fleming; New Norfolk: R. Heron 2, N. Clayton, J. Wessing.
Best - Lindisfarne: D. Clark, M. Howell, J. Anning, C. Mitchell, M. Clark, T. Willing; New Norfolk: B. King, R. Heron, J. King, B. Lovell, B. Wardlaw, N. Clayton.

Lindisfarne  2.4 (16)  6.8 (44)  14.11 (95)  23.14 (152)
New Norfolk  1.4 (10)  2.5 (17)  2.6 (18)  2.6 (18)
Goals - Lindisfarne: W. Dare 7, J. Myers 4, R. Harwood 3, A. Clarke 3, S. Bester 2, P. Ashlin, K. Davey, M. Grueber, N. Braslin; New Norfolk: T. Triffett, J. Van-Lierop
Best - Lindisfarne: J. Myers, A. Clarke, M. Grueber, T. Blowfield, N. Braslin, R. Sice; New Norfolk: T. Bligh, J. Foster, P. Ling, T. Triffett, J. Van-Lierop, B. Withers

Lindisfarne 5.5 (35)  12.5 (77)  15.6 (96)  21.9 (135)
New Norfolk  1.0 (6)  2.0 (12)  3.2 (20)  3.2 (20)
Goals - Lindisfarne: D. Bradford 6, L. Briggs 4, K. Mallinson 4, K. Goninon 2, K. Johnson 2, J. Braslin, B. Wright, C. Spong; New Norfolk: J. Evans, Z. Triffett, J. Russell.
Best - Lindisfarne: K. Goninon, K. Mallinson, D. Bradford, B. Pearce, J. Braslin, C. Spong; New Norfolk: Z. Crosswell, Z. Triffett, J. Evans, J. Fisher-Cooley, A. York, D. Smith.

In the other games last weekend:

Claremont 18.23 (131) d Cygnet 10.4 (64)
After what was set to be a hotly contested match, the Magpies comfortably defeated Cygnet on their home ground at Abbotsfield Park. In the Reserves Cygnet was completely demolished by Claremont, by the final siren the margin was 135 points with Cygnet failing to score. It was much closer in the Under 18s with the margin 29 points in Claremont's favour over the Southern Storm.

Hobart 12.10 (82) d Huonville 8.9 (57) 
A large local crowd at Huonville was left disappointed after Hobart beat the Lions by 25 points. Hobart also played a solid game in the Reserves, winning by 17 points while and in the Under 18s Huonville prevailed by 10 points.

Brighton 10.9 (69) defeated Sorell 5.7 (37)
Brighton and Sorell have shown what they are capable of so far this season, but it was Brighton that prevailed to make it two wins from two games. The Robins also won the Reserves and Under 18s games.

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