Monday, April 4, 2016

SFL 2016 - Round 1 report

SFL Round 1 Report
Provided by SFL League Management

FOR the first game of the 2016 season in the Huon Valley it was New Norfolk which had to take the long road trip down to Cygnet, only to be defeated by 15 points.

This was the first appearance that ex-Essendon and Burnie star Jason Laycock made for Cygnet and he opened the game in likely style, posting the first goal for Cygnet and looming as a major threat as a key target up forward.  As the game progressed there was concern for Laycock and during the third quarter he made his way to the interchange bench for the rest of the day with what appeared to be a serious foot injury.

Eagles captain Rohan Heron did not stop trying once during the game, always endeavouring to lift his team and stay in the contest. By half-time Cygnet was in the lead by 10 points, but both teams had a lot of missed opportunities for goals during the game. Inaccurate kicking and early season fitness were both factors that got in the way of the scoreline running away for either team, particularly Cygnet which missed some relatively easy set shots.

In the Under 18s New Norfolk was defeated by 50 points by the Southern Storm which put in a strong game and in the Reserves match Cygnet was victorious by 19 points.

Cygnet  2.7 (19)  3.11 (29)  6.15 (51)  8.19 (67)
New Norfolk 0.5 (5)  2.7 (19)  5.9 (39)  7.10 (52)
Goals - Cygnet: G. Quirk 2, J. Laycock 2, J. Brereton, B. Halton, G. Clark, B. Hayes; New Norfolk: M. Thompson 3, R. Heron 2, J. Foster, K. Hansen.
Best - Cygnet: B. Halton, G. Clark, J. Brereton, G. Brereton, M. Darcy, M. Dance; New Norfolk: J. Wigg, R. Heron, N. Clayton, J. Gunther, N. Eiszele, B. Wardlaw

Cygnet  4.1 (25)  4.4 (28)  7.4 (46)  9.6 (60)
New Norfolk  0.0 (0)  3.3 (21)  6.3 (39)  6.3 (39)
Goals - Cygnet: B. Dare 2, K. Butterworth, D. Duggan, B. Carver, T. Bakes, I. Coulson, S. Clark, B. Smith; New Norfolk: Z. Clayton 2, K. Walker, M. Smith.
Best - Cygnet: T. Slevin, D. Milllhouse, B. Dare, I. Coulson, T. Bakes, R. Polley; New Norfolk: M. Jones, T. Bligh, Z. Clayton, T. Duggan, T. Jarvis, J. Ackerley.

Southern Storm  4.5 (29)  6.7 (43)  8.13 (61)  11.13 (79)
New Norfolk  0.2 (2)  1.5 (11)  2.8 (20)  3.11 (29)
Goals - Southern Storm: J. Direen 4, P. O'Neill 4, E. Reardon 2, J. Bester; New Norfolk: J. Campbell 3.
Best - Southern Storm: N. Duggan, P. O'Neill, J. Bester, J. Gordon, P. O'Neill, J. Direen; New Norfolk: Z. Triffett, S. Upton, T. Heron, J. Campbell, D. Smith.

In the other games last weekend:

Brighton 11.10 (76) defeated Hobart 9.9 (63) 
Hobart led for most of the day in its first game of the season against Brighton up until the final quarter when the Robins piled on six of their 11 goals putting them in the lead. In the Under 18 competition Brighton defeated Hobart by a giant margin of 114 points, and in the Reserves Hobart turned the tables and was victorious by six points.

Claremont 12.10 (82) defeated Sorell 10.6 (66) 
At Pembroke Park, Sorell had been leading and taking up the challenge to the reigning premiers all day, but was unsuccessful in the end when the Magpies took the four points in their first game of the season. Claremont had a bye in the Under 18s and in the Reserves Claremont had a 96-point victory. 

Huonville 11.14 (80) defeated Dodges Ferry 9.12 (66)
At Shark Park the Lions defeated Dodges Ferry in a hotly contested game. In the Reserves the Lions dominated by more than 50 points and in the Under 18s Dodges Ferry fell short by 19 points with Huonville making it three wins for the day. 

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