Monday, March 21, 2016

Share your memories of '67

MANY people in the Derwent Valley can relate a story of the 1967 bushfires, based either on their firsthand experience of that day or stories passed down through older relatives. Throughout 2016 the Tasmania Fire Service will send a video booth around the state to collect stories for the 50th anniversary of the disaster.

Earlier this year, Marjory Woolford recorded a story recollecting that “the morning of February the 7th, 1967,  began as most other days began but the morning had an oppressive feel about it with foreboding of something sinister about to happen.”

In another video story, Helen Walch remembers “ heading to Kingston was terrible journey so dark at times and the fire kept catching up and trees and bushes were on fire, as we approached Taroona fire was on both sides of the road and large pieces of houses were blowing on the road.”

People of the Derwent Valley are invited to record their story in the video booth when it visits the Derwent Valley Autumn Festival on April 10 and the New Norfolk Library from April 11-23.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the bushfires in February 2017, the collected stories will be featured online and as part of a major exhibition at the Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery in 2017. The stores will also be preserved in the Tasmanian archives.

Click here to watch Mrs Woolford’s video story which was recorded at the Hobart Branch of Bendigo Bank in January. This project is supported by partners including the Derwent Valley Council. More information is available here.

You can also share your 1967 bushfire stories and photos with the New Norfolk News via email.

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