Sunday, February 7, 2016

University back for another look at Willow Court

TEN Flinders University students and their archaeology tutors have arrived in New Norfolk for the second field school at the Willow Court historic site. The educators have been in town since last week and the students arrived today.

The Willow Court Project is an ongoing initiative between Flinders University and the Derwent Valley Council to excavate the site of Willow Court, which was Australia's first purpose-built asylum. Supporters include the Friends of Willow Court, the Friends of Frescati and the New Norfolk Historical Information Centre.

Following on from the first field school in February 2015, this year's program will complete the cataloguing of historical items associated with the hospital. Also on the agenda is a survey of the site in preparation for future excavation seasons. This will include underground mapping using ground-penetrating radar.

It is anticipated that the Flinders University archaeology field schools will be held annually for 10 years.

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