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Friday, February 5, 2016

Gordon River Rd bushfire update

BUSHFIRES continue to burn across multiple areas in South-Western Tasmania. The Tasmania Fire Service says the main fire of interest to the public is the Gordon River Rd/Mt Cullen fire which was first reported on January 17. The most probable cause was a lightning storm on January 13.

Continuing favourable weather conditions are allowing ground crews in conjunction with air support to make progress with consolidation of containment lines. Efforts are continuing to focus on the eastern boundary south of  Gordon River Rd.

People are urged to remain informed as there are areas of fire that continue to burn and conditions can change. Fire operations are being co-ordinated to ensure the protection of natural and cultural values in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

The following resources were in attendance today: four helicopters and about 30 remote area firefighters (Tasmanian and New Zealand crews).


All roads beyond the Scotts Peak Rd junction, including Gordon River Rd, are open only to essential services. This section of  road is likely to remain closed for some time.

Scotts Peak Rd will be open from Saturday, February 6. This includes the Huon and Edgar Campgrounds. Campfires have been banned until further notice in the South West National Park due to the current fire situation (gas stoves are permitted). All walking tracks departing from Scotts Peak Rd remain closed.

Emergency service vehicles and personnel will be in the area for several weeks to come.


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