Friday, January 8, 2016

Cherry grower gets cyber-smart

QR codes will help overseas customers to be certain their
Tasmanian cherries are the real deal.
LOCAL cherry grower Reid Fruits at Plenty has gone high-tech in the effort to beat international counterfeiters who are passing off inferior fruit as Tasmanian-grown cherries.

Following repeated reports of fake "Reid Fruits" cherries being sold in China and Vietnam, each 2kg box being exported from the Derwent Valley orchard now includes a card printed with a unique code to ensure authenticity.

When scanned for the first time, the QR code will connect to the Reid Fruits website to confirm whether the product is genuine. Subsequent scanning of the same code will produce an error message and a suggestion to contact the place of purchase.

"If only the best are copied then we must have the best cherries in the world," the company says on its Facebook page. "Each week we get more photos sent to us of copycat Reid Fruits cherry boxes which have cheap low quality and potentially unsafe cherries in them.

"So to give our customers reassurance we are now placing a unique QR code in each box of premium cherries. So just as your special handbag or piece of jewellery has an authentication certificate we can also provide you with the same security."

Reid Fruits its celebrating its 160th anniversary in 2016. Read more here.

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  1. What happens if the first box scanned is a counterfeit, just a copy of a legitimate QR Code?