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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Queen's honours for two locals

Ken O'Brien, centre, with his late sister's
medal, surrounded by three of her children.
THE Derwent Valley's first female local government councillor was honoured by Tasmania's first female governor late last week.

On Friday evening Her Excellency Professor Kate Warner presented a posthumous Medal of the Order of Australia for Dorothy Robinson. The award was accepted by the late Mrs Robinson's eldest son, Greg Robinson. Mrs Robinson's brother, Ken O'Brien OAM, was among the invited guests.

A common thread connecting the Governor and Mrs Robinson is that both were long-term residents New Norfolk. Mrs Robinson passed away in 2014, about 12 months before being named in the Queen's Birthday Honours List this year.

Sandra and Tony Nicholson at the Order
of Australia dinner on Friday night.
Former Derwent Valley mayor Tony Nicholson was also awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia this year and received his medal at the same investiture on Friday. Mr Nicholson was accompanied by his wife Sandra and elder son Richard.

Afterwards, the Order of Australia’s Tasmanian Division held a post-investiture presentation dinner at the Royal Yacht Club in Sandy Bay.

The Queen’s Birthday 2015 Honours List recognised 717 Australians across a wide range of professions and industries, and from all states and territories. A total of 519 General Division appointments and awards were announced.  A further 198 Australians were recognised through meritorious and military awards.

Anyone can nominate any Australian for an award in the Order of Australia.  If you know someone worthy, nominate them at

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