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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Thompson storms back into the Eagles nest

SFL Season 2015 

Round 14 Review

THE result of Saturday's game at Boyer Oval was fairly well expected from the start to end in the Eagles' favour, but the greatest interest for a number of New Norfolk faithful focused on the return of Michael Thompson to the red, white and black and he didn’t disappoint. Most players take a week or two to ease back into football but Thompson was straight amongst the goals and definitely in the best three players on the ground.

The scoreboard could have been even more dismal for Dodges Ferry if the Eagles had kicked straight, with New Norfolk scoring only 10 goals from 24 scoring shots to half time. Dodges Ferry was held scoreless for the third quarter and then the Eagles put icing on the cake with a seven goal final term onslaught to take a 107-point victory.

Caden Wilson was again amongst the goals with four and the clock wound back once again with Roger Belcher and Michael Thompson both finishing on three goals with the best players being Wilson Thompson and Mark Horne. Dodges Ferry’s best were Mark Cusick, Josh Godden and Dave Cusick.

New Norfolk won the reserves by 127 points but lost to Glenorchy by 35 points in the colts.

New Norfolk 5.7 10.14 14.16 21.20 (146)
Dodges Ferry 2.0 3.1 3.3 6.3 (39)
GOALS - New Norfolk:
C. Wilson 4, M. Thompson 3, R. Belcher 3, N. Clayton 3, J. Wigg 2, Z. Gardam 2, T. Rainbird 2, T. Triffett, B. Ransley. Dodges Ferry: B. Wilkinson 2, B. Dolliver, J. Wilson, M. Young, M. Cusick.
BEST - New Norfolk: C. Wilson, M. Horne, M. Thompson, J. Wigg, B. Chaplin, R. Heron. Dodges Ferry: M. Cusick, J. Godden, D. Cusick, J. Bowling, J. Curran, B. Wilkinson.

New Norfolk 8.4 10.9 16.12 22.16 (148)
Dodges Ferry 0.2 2.3 3.3 4.3 (27)
GOALS - New Norfolk:
C. Curtain 9, J. Van-Lierop 4, B. Chaplin 3, N. Santi 3, J. Banks-Smith, J. Gunther, S. Fenton. Dodges Ferry: T. Howells, Z. Free, S. Cusick, M. Cusick.
BEST - New Norfolk: S. Fenton, B. Chaplin, N. Santi, J. Gunther, C. Curtain, N. Lester. Dodges Ferry: N. Parker, S. Cusick, C. Hales, B. Barlow, M. Hammer, T. Howells.

Glenorchy 1.0 4.2 7.3 10.5 (65)
New Norfolk 3.2 3.3 3.5 4.6 (30)
GOALS - Glenorchy:
T. Goodsell 3, H. Gunther 2, Z. Baynton, R. Gunther, W. Kaden, T. Henderson, K. Richards. New Norfolk: N. Wakefield 2, J. Whitford-Marriott, Z. Crosswell.
BEST - Glenorchy: W. Atkin, C. Triffitt, T. Goodsell, Z. Baynton, K. Phillips, T. Underwood. New Norfolk: T. Oates, T. Eiszele, C. King, K. Tomkinson, H. Bielleman, W. Lockley.

In the other games at the weekend:

Huonville 17.4 (106) d East Coast 10.12 (72)
THE Huonville Lions stepped up as a finals contender while the East Coast Bombers slid into a potential end-of-season limbo as the Lions registered a 34 point win at Huonville. Huonville also won the reserves, by eight goals.

Claremont 40.25 (265) d Cygnet 3.3 (20)
AS if an 11-goal onslaught in the first quarter wasn't enough, adding another 14 goals in the second term without Cygnet scoring more than a solitary behind was a dagger through the Port's heart in the match against Claremont at Abbotsfield Park. Claremont won the reserves by 166 points keeping Cygnet goalless.

Lindisfarne 18.24 (132) defeated Hobart 11.7 (73)
HOBART seemed to work a lot harder in the clash with Lindisfarne after some heavy defeats in previous weeks but still ended the day trailing by a 10 goal margin. Lindisfarne won the reserves by five goals.

Brighton 15.9 (99) d Sorell 8.13 (61)
AS only two goals separated the battle of the birds between the Sorell Eagles and the Brighton Robins last round it was definitely game on at half time. But a seven-goal third quarter from the Robins was the difference and really blew Sorell out of the contest. Brighton demolished the Eagles in the reserves winning by 30 goals.


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