Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two from two for the Eagles

SFL Season 2015 
Round 13 Review

WHILE Cygnet remained goalless up until half time in the clash with a rampaging New Norfolk on Saturday, the Eagles peppered the goals but didn’t fully punish the Port - only slotting 10 majors from 24 scoring shots.

By the day's end it was 44 scoring shots to 12 and the reliable forward targets of Clayton (4), Gardam (3) and Wilson (2) were once again hitting the scoreboard as the Eagles shared the spoils amongst 13 individual goalkickers.

Two goals for the day for the Port shows what a difference a week makes after Cygnet turned its form around the week prior against Brighton. Kane Nielsen and Mitch Direen tried hard for Cygnet and Jacob Wigg and Brayden Chaplin were the best for New Norfolk.

New Norfolk won in the Reserves by 175 points and had a bye in the Colts competition.

New Norfolk 6.9 (45) 10.14 (74) 14.19 (103) 23.21 (159)
Cygnet 0.3 (3) 0.5 (5) 1.7 (13) 2.10 (22)
Goals - New Norfolk: N. Clayton 4, Z. Gardam 3, T. Triffett 2, J. Horne 2, C. Wilson 2, M. Horne 2, J. Wigg 2, J. Whitford-Marriott, J. Gunther, B. Ransley, J. Daley, B. Chaplin, R. Belcher; Cygnet: B. Hayes, B. Lane.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Wigg, B. Chaplin, N. Eiszele, M. Horne, T. Triffett, N. Clayton; Cygnet: K. Nielsen, M. Direen, C. Wilcox, R. Jennings, O. Burke, J. Direen.

New Norfolk 9.5 (59) 15.10 (100) 19.15 (129) 26.20 (176)
Cygnet 0.0 (0) 0.0 (0) 0.0 (0) 0.1 (1)
Goals - New Norfolk: N. Santi 8, S. Fenton 3, J. Van-Lierop 3, J. Foster 2, J. Banks-Smith 2, B. Chaplin 2, C. Curtain 2, N. Lester 2, J. Kelly , J. Duggan.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Santi, J. Adams, S. Fenton, J. Van-Lierop, T. Duggan, J. Papera; Cygnet: D. Walter, M. Cane, C. Polley, J. McMullen, B. Carver, M. Coulson.

In the other games at the weekend:

Huonville 20.22 (142) d Hobart 5.9 (39) 
THE clock was wound back on Saturday at Huonville Oval as Huonville coach Tim Lamprill singlehandedly took apart the Hobart Tigers defensive structure and bagged eight goals for the day as the Lions romped to victory by 103 points. In the reserves it was victory to the Huonville Lions again by 103 points and in the early game in the SFL U18s the Huonville Lions won their Colts game against Brighton by 10 points.

Brighton 13.14 (92) d East Coast 6.8 (44)
THE wavering form of the East Coast Bombers continued as they just held on to third spot on the ladder after falling victim to Brighton at Pontville on Saturday. In the Reserves game Brighton won by 67 points but the Robins lost their SFL Colts game against Huonville Lions by 10 points.

Dodges Ferry 13.12 (90) d Sorell 8.12 (60)
THE derby at Dodges saw a fantastic result for the home team which took the points and leapt their opponents on the ladder in the process. Dodges Ferry won the Reserves game by four points and in the SFL Colts game the result was reversed as Sharks went down to Sorell by seven points.

Claremont 8.21 (69) d Lindisfarne 7.7 (49)
THE Magpies easily accounted for the Two Blues in their clash at Abbotsfield Park in what didn’t appear to be a match between two of the top four sides in the competition. Claremont had a big win in the Reserves by 162 points and also won the Colts to defeat Lindisfarne by 26 points.

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