Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Two big wins for the Eagles

SFL Season 2015 
Round 11 Review

A DEVASTATING 10-goal to one first quarter painted the picture for the rest of the day as second-placed New Norfolk exposed severe weaknesses in third-placed Lindisfarne’s armor with a 111 point victory at Boyer Oval on Saturday.

The Eagles went into the game on the same number of points as the Two Blues but the first quarter goal siege was enough to send them a game clear in second spot on the ladder. The Two Blues managed only one goal in the second quarter as the margin widened and were kept goalless in the final term which must be a major concern for their coaching staff more than halfway through the season.

New Norfolk coach Caden Wilson and SFL leading goal kicker Zeke Gardam both finished with six goals but it could have been much uglier had Wilson kicked straight as his total tally was 6.8 after missing some shots at goal. “In patches we were fantastic, especially during that first half. Some of the footy we played was great,” Wilson told the Mercury newspaper after the game.

Mark Horne was best on ground for the Eagles with zippy mid-fielder Josh Clifford also continuing his good form, whilst for the hapless Lindisfarne outfit Troy Cunliffe and Matt Phillips battled hard.

New Norfolk won in the Reserves by 156 points but lost to North Hobart in the Colts game.

New Norfolk 10.4 (64) 15.12 (102) 18.15 (123) 22.20 (152)
Lindisfarne 1.0 (6) 2.2 (14) 6.3 (39) 6.5 (41)
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam 6, C. Wilson 6, T. Triffett 3, R. Belcher 2, J. Clifford, B. Chaplin, J. Wigg, T. Rainbird, N. Clayton; Lindisfarne: D. Blazely 2, A. Fleming 2, T. Cunliffe, B. Phillips.
Best - New Norfolk: M. Horne, J. Clifford, Z. Gardam, T. Triffett, B. King, C. Wilson; Lindisfarne: T. Cunliffe, M. Phillips, W. Dare, M. Howell, D. Blazely, A. Hutchinson.

New Norfolk 8.1 (49) 13.9 (87) 20.13 (133) 27.15 (177)
Lindisfarne 1.2 (8) 1.2 (8) 1.3 (9) 3.3 (21)
Goals - New Norfolk: C. Curtain 11, B. Ransley 8, J. Gunther 3, B. Chaplin 3, J. Foster, J. Banks-Smith; Lindisfarne: M. Jarvis 2, K. Johnson.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Gunther, C. Curtain, B. Ransley, T. Duggan, J. Banks-Smith, J. Duggan; Lindisfarne: M. Grueber, J. Watson, P. Ashlin, T. Morley, A. Hope, K. Johnson.


North Hobart 1.6 (12) 4.8 (32) 7.11 (53) 7.16 (58)
New Norfolk 0.1 (1) 1.5 (11) 1.5 (11) 2.7 (19)
Goals - North Hobart: J. Walker 2, D. McGuire 2, J. Webb 2, Z. Lucas; New Norfolk: J. Whitford-Marriott, D. Smith.
Best - North Hobart: T. Walker, C. Gough, K. Howlett, J. Walker, H. Richmond, D. Howlett; New Norfolk: R. Wakefield, T. Oates, T. Eiszele, J. Whitford-Marriott, B. Coles, H. Bielleman.

In the other games at the weekend:

Claremont 20.18 (138) defeated Huonville Lions 4.13 (37)
At the start of the game it appeared that the Huonville Lions had come prepared for the challenge against ladder leader Claremont after taking a comfortable 16 point lead into quarter time. But that quiet first quarter was enough to shake the Magpies into action and to show why they are now sneaking ahead as premiership favourites as they piled on 18 unanswered goals across the next three quarters to leave the Huonville players and supporters in a state of shock as the Magpies surged to a 101 point victory. In the reserves it was victory to Claremont winning by 32 points.

Brighton 21.16 (142) defeated Hobart 14.11 (95)
Brighton has gone a long way toward securing the much sought after fifth spot on the SFL ladder after a comfortable 47 point victory over Hobart at Pontville. In the reserves Brighton won by 76 points.

Dodges Ferry 16.12 (108) defeated Cygnet 11.8 (74)
A win to the Dodges Ferry Sharks at home saw them string two wins in succession as they ran out comfortable victors by 34 points over Cygnet. Dodges Ferry won the reserves by 47 points.

East Coast 8.21 (69) defeated Sorell 7.7 (49)
East Coast stayed two games clear in fourth place on the ladder with a solid 20-point victory over Sorell at Lauderdale in what was an important game for the Bombers, who now are only one game behind Lindisfarne in third. The Bombers also won the reserves game by 38 points.

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