Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tough day at the office for the Eagles

SFL Season 2015 
Round 10 Review

CLAREMONT has moved a game clear in first spot on the SFL ladder after defeating New Norfolk for the second time this year. Early season victories by the Magpies over the Eagles are commonplace but a rarity by the time the season goes on.

The 26-point victory at Abbotsfield Park gives Claremont a greater chance of finishing top of the ladder at the end of the season and the rewards of a week’s break and a home final with a potentially clear path to the SFL Grand Final.

Claremont coach Kim Excell told the Mercury after the game that not too much should be assumed from the win, with his opposition coach and the Eagles' prime mover Caden Wilson going down early on with a hamstring injury. “We were quite pleased with the win but New Norfolk has a few players out,” Excell said.

Wilson, who is more than likely to miss at least two to three weeks, was disappointed in the Eagles first half which saw them trail by 41 points at the long break. “The conditions were pretty bad out there but to Claremont’s credit they used the conditions well,” Wilson told the Mercury.

Earlier in the day Claremont defeated New Norfolk by 57 points in the Reserves match.

There are no SFL games this weekend due to a competition bye. 

Claremont  3.5 (23) 7.9 (51) 7.13 (55) 8.14 (62)
New Norfolk 0.3 (3) 1.4 (10) 2.5 (17) 5.6 (36)
Goals - Claremont: N. Matthews 2, S. Salter 2, N. Brown, L. Green, A. Bennet , J. Gillie; New Norfolk: S. Bonnitcha, Z. Gardam, N. Clayton, J. Horne, J. Clifford.
Best - Claremont: J. Grant, N. Brown, D. Fox, B. Barwick, S. Jones, A. Bennett; New Norfolk: M. Horne, B. Chaplin, J. Clifford, J. Taylor-Evans, J. Horne, L. Browning.

Claremont  3.3 (21) 6.6 (42) 9.9 (63) 12.12 (84)
New Norfolk 1.0 (6) 3.0 (18) 4.3 (27) 4.3 (27)
Goals - Claremont: M. Bird 4, S. Webster 2, A. Lockley, B. Lockley, C. Jetson, M. Carr, C. Parker, S. Woods; New Norfolk: T. Duggan, B. Ransley, C. Curtain, J. Banks-Smith
Best - Claremont: M. Siely, A. Lockley, N. Burdon, M. Bird, R. Stocks, T. Pennicott; New Norfolk: T. Duggan, J. Adams, N. Lester, A. Minchin, M. Thompson, J. Foster.

Clarence 3.5 (23) 8.9 (57) 8.11 (59) 13.11 (89)
New Norfolk 0.1 (1) 0.2 (2) 3.3 (21) 4.5 (29)
Goals - Clarence: J. Bromfield 3, J. Mazengarb 2, S. Lewis-Johnson 2, C. Berry, J. Brenner, B. Westbury, T. Westbury, A. Gaul, S. Storic; New Norfolk: S. Upton, A. Long, N. Wakefield, Z. Crosswell.
Best - Clarence: J. Mazengarb, S. Lewis-Johnson, J. Brenner, W. Press, A. Gaul, T. Westbury; New Norfolk: J. Whitford-Marriott, C. King, W. Lockley, R. Wakefield, Z. Crosswell, N. Wakefield.

In the other games last weekend:

Sorell 11.7 (73) d Huonville 9.10 (64)
SORELL managed to keep in touch with fifth spot on the SFL ladder following a hard fought contest against the Huonville Lions, running out victors by nine points. In the reserves it was victory to the Huonville Lions winning by 79 point.

Lindisfarne 17.7 (109) d Brighton 7.15 (57)
LINDISFARNE all but cemented a top three spot for season 2015 after a one-sided match against Brighton, winning by 52 points at Anzac Park that sees them move two games clear of the east Coast Bombers in fourth and saw Brighton give up fifth spot on the ladder to the Huonville despite its loss to Sorell.  In the reserves Brighton won by 54 points. 

Dodges Ferry 18.12 (120) d Hobart 10.16 (76)
A WIN to the Tigers at home would have seen them stay in touch with fifth spot on the weekend, but a fired-up Dodges Ferry was not prepared to let that happen and ran out comfortable victors by 44 points.  Hobart won in the reserves by 75 points.

East Coast 15.13 (103) d Cygnet 8.5 (53)
EAST Coast secured a critical win to move two games clear to win fourth place on the ladder with a fantastic 50-point victory over Cygnet at Cygnet. East Coast also won the reserves to defeat Cygnet by 38 points. 

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