Saturday, July 11, 2015

Letter to the editor

I’D like to clarify a couple of points about the Mobile Phone Black Spot funding announced for the Lyons electorate last week (New Norfolk News, June 25, 2015). A number of people have expressed their concern about carriers who have won contracts to service particular country areas being different to those who already have communication towers in the area and what that will mean to service delivery.

The Federal Government can’t force a carrier to put a tower in a particular place but the government Mobile Phone Black Spot program has been designed to provide a subsidy to encourage carriers to construct towers in country areas where they would normally not go.

Carriers who propose taking up the government subsidy to provide a service in an isolated area need to let other carriers know of their ability to co-locate. They need to also consult with other carriers before they build a new tower to accommodate them in the future.

This Federal Government Mobile Phone Black Spot program is a well thought out and considered program aimed at maximising the value of the taxpayer dollars being used as part of this subsidy.

Federal Member for Lyons

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