Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Crikey ABC, how wrong can you be?

NEWS that a privately-owned building at Willow Court is for sale on the internet has spread like wildfire on both social and traditional media this week.

Apparently posted on the Gumtree classified advertising website by owner Hadyn Pearce at the weekend, the 1860s Ladies Cottage (later called J Ward) had an asking price of $875,000 but this has since been changed to "negotiable".

A gallery of photos has also been added to the listing, which can be seen here.

The story has been picked up by the Mercury and the ABC, with the latter publishing a sensational (and sensationally incorrect) article. The national broadcaster's story (pictured) wrongly describes the building as an asylum for criminally insane women; incorrectly names the owner as Hadyn Dare and Hadyn Ware; and claims that the building is also known as Lachlan Park Asylum.

This comes from the same broadcaster that last week wrongly announced Eve Askew (missing from Fitzgerald since 1991) had been successfully located three years ago.

What was the Ladies Cottage? A private hospital for fee-paying patients

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