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Friday, July 24, 2015

Another big Eagles win tipped

SFL Season 2015
Round 13 Preview

AFTER a stirring win over Brighton at Kermandie last weekend, Cygnet makes the road trip to Boyer tomorrow and would be best to not look back at the Eagles form from the last two rounds.

Following a thrashing of Lindisfarne by over 100 points a fortnight ago, the Eagles then took to the Tigers to the tune of 23 goals last weekend.

Cygnet will just have to try to be as competitive as possible and accept the challenge presented.

Player to watch: Nic Clayton (New Norfolk)

Prediction: New Norfolk by 72 points.

A SCINTILLATING 13 goal to two first quarter set the scene for the day last Saturday as second-placed New Norfolk exposed the difference between the top and bottom teams in the SFL competition with a 198 point victory.

In New Norfolk's 198-point victory, Nic Clayton finished with eight goals for the Eagles and SFL leading goal kicker Zeke Gardam added six to his season tally to reach 50 goals and take a clear lead in the race to be the highest goal scorer for season 2015.

New Norfolk had 12 different goal scorers compared to Hobart who could only manage six individual single goal kickers.

New Norfolk’s best player was Bryan Chaplin whilst Mark Young tried hard for the Tigers.

New Norfolk won in the Reserves by 189 points. Results of the Colts game with Clarence are not available.

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