Saturday, June 6, 2015

Take care at the end of the bridge

MOTORISTS are urged to take care at the Hamilton Rd end of the New Norfolk Bridge, which has been the scene of at least five car crashes since Wednesday.

A three-car pileup on Wednesday was followed by a single-vehicle accident when a car is believed to have crashed into a shop later that night.

Further reports have been received of another single-vehicle accident at the junction on Friday evening and two more earlier this evening.


  1. It's a good thing that the alleged blackspot at Burnett/Montague is being fixed before this shocker of an intersection. Will they be able to put in a roundabout as needed? or do the trucks prevent that from happening?

  2. i believe a roundabout same as top of bridge would enable trucks to go through, ease congested lanes they would flow easier allow better view of oncoming traffic .... really seems a call for roundabout with all accidents of last week

  3. Incompetent drivers are the cause of these crashes, nothing wrong with that intersection. Nothing wrong with area near Bush Inn either - simple bit of paint on the road indicating right turn would solve it. What a waste of money better spent elsewhere.