Thursday, June 25, 2015

Eagles' big win at Huonville

SFL Season 2015 
Round 9 Review

A 10-goal opening quarter by New Norfolk set up its victory over the Huonville Lions on a very heavy track at the Huonville Oval on Saturday. After trailing by five goals at quarter time the Lions were playing catch up football all day and simply did not have the firepower to chase down the reigning premiers who are simply controlling all the games in which they play at the moment.

New Norfolk's Nic Clayton with five goals had a major impact on the game, whilst Rohan Heron, Jacob Daley and Roger Belcher continued their very consistent form.

Huonville turned the tables in the Reserves game by 18 points while in the Colts game on Sunday New Norfolk defeated Lauderdale by 63 points at Boyer Oval.

New Norfolk 10.0 (60) 14.1 (85) 16.2 (98) 17.9 (111)
Huonville 5.2 (32) 7.4 (46) 8.5 (53) 11.5 (71)
Goals - New Norfolk: N. Clayton 5, J. Horne 3, T. Rainbird 2, C. Wilson 2, Z. Gardam 2, R. Belcher, M. Horne, T. Triffett;  Huonville: B. Sullivan 3, J. Lange 2, J. Paul 2, J. Nichols 2, T. Lamprill, A. Tatnell-Cowen.
Best - New Norfolk: R. Heron, J. Daley, T. Rainbird, B. Lovell, R. Belcher, T. Triffett; Huonville: C. Johns  M. Paul, B. Sullivan, A. Johns, J. Schreck, J. Lovell.

Huonville 1.0 (6) 5.2 (32) 5.7 (37) 9.7 (61)
New Norfolk 2.2 (14) 3.4 (22) 4.5 (29) 6.7 (43)
Goals - Huonville: D. Garth 2, P. Garth 2, B. Stevenson, J. Stevenson, P. Kelly, J. Hickey, J. Lovell; New Norfolk: C. Curtain 2, J. Van-Lierop 2, B. Chaplin, B. Ransley.
Best - Huonville: P. Kelly, H. Watson, D. Garth, J. O'Neill, W. Watson, J. Lovell; New Norfolk: A. Minchin, S. Fenton, J. Adams, J. King, C. Curtain, T. Duggan.

New Norfolk 5.1 (31) 8.6 (54) 11.12 (78) 12.18 (90)
Lauderdale    1.0 (6) 1.0 (6) 1.1 (70)        4.3 (27)
Goals - New Norfolk: J. Eiszele 2, N. Wakefield 2, K. Tomkinson 2, H. Bielleman 2, A. Long, N. Wakefield, J. Ransley, B. Pauly; Lauderdale: B. Anderton, T. Blowfiel, D. Denny, J. Lord.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Whitford-Marriott, H. Bielleman, R. Wakefield, K. Tomkinson, W. Lockley, B. Coles; Lauderdale: D. Johns, D. Knott, K. Tatnell, B. Anderton, T. Blowfield, S. Hill.

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