Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Two wins for New Norfolk at Cygnet

SFL Season 2015 
Round 4 Review

CYGNET returned to its home ground to host New Norfolk on Saturday. At quarter-time New Norfolk led by 31 points and the loyal Cygnet faithful would have been hoping for a committed effort in the second quarter but it didn’t eventuate and at half time the margin had blown out with New Norfolk leading by 14 goals.

The pattern didn’t alter much as by the final break the lead was 110 points to the Eagles with the final margin slightly increasing as New Norfolk won by 114 points.

Zeke Gardam was best on ground with nine goals for the Eagles and the league’s most highly-rated defender Rohan Heron went forward and got on the scoreboard with four goals and Jacob Daley had a great game.

For the Port, Matthew Coulson kicked three goals, coach Gavin Quirk finished with two goals and Cygnet was best served by Andrew Paul and Mitch Direen.

In the reserves it was New Norfolk victorious by 181 points.

New Norfolk 6.3 (39) 18.4 (112) 24.7 (151) 28.12 (180)
Cygnet           1.2 (8) 4.4 (28)    6.5 (41)     10.6 (66)
Best - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam, J. Daley, J. McCulloch, M. Horne, P. Ross, L. Joseph; Cygnet: A. Paul, M. Direen, P. Wilcox, B. Hayes, G. Quirk, M. Coulson.
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam 9, R. Heron 4, J. Taylor-Evans 2, R. Belcher 2, B. Chaplin 2, S. Bonnitcha, M. Horne, C. Wilson, J. Clifford, S. Moles, N. Ross, B. Wardlaw, T. Rainbird, N. Lester; Cygnet: M. Coulson 3, G. Quirk 2, J. Bester 2, R. Jennings, P. O'Neill, B. Hayes.

New Norfolk 8.2 (50) 16.6 (102) 23.11 (149) 31.13 (199)
Cygnet         1.2 (8) 1.3 (9)         2.3 (15)         2.6 (18)
Best - New Norfolk: D. Triffett, B. Chaplin, B. King, J. Banks-Smith, S. Fenton, T. Triffett; Cygnet: J. Shields, A. Dance, J. Duggan, J. Mazur, J. Harvey, T. Slevin.
Goals - New Norfolk: T. Triffett 9, B. Ransley 4, J. Banks-Smith 3, B. Chaplin 3, D. Triffett , J. Walsh, L. Browning, P. Ling, J. Murray, J. Van-Lierop, D. Triffett, J. Duggan, J. Foster, S. Fenton, A. Minchin, B. King; Cygnet: S. Clark, J. Shields.

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