Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Two wins at Dodges Ferry

SFL Season 2015 
Round 6 Review

DODGES Ferry played host to New Norfolk whose form after Round 1 of the season was a frightening proposition to any team in the competition. At quarter time on Saturday New Norfolk had a great start and led by 24 points.

The Sharks faithful would have been hoping for a more committed effort in the second quarter but they were disappointed as a five goal quarter to two opened up the whole game the Eagles way and at half time the margin had blown out with New Norfolk leading by 43 points.

The gap proved too wide for the Sharks to mount a comeback and the pattern didn’t alter much for the rest of the afternoon as by the final break the lead was 70 points to New Norfolk with the final margin increasing as the Derwent Valley juggernaut rolled on as the Eagles won by 125 points.

Jacob Daley was best on ground and Zeke Gardam had a great game with seven goals for New Norfolk. For Dodges Ferry it was once again left to evergreen Jamie Curran who finished with two goals and was the Sharks best player on the day.

In the reserves it was New Norfolk victorious by 113 points

New Norfolk 6.2 (38) 11.4 (70) 19.8 (122) 28.10 (178)
Dodges Ferry 2.2 (14) 4.3 (27) 8.4 (52) 8.5 (53)
Goals - New Norfolk: Z. Gardam 7, C. Wilson 4, M. Horne 3, B. Booth 3, R. Heron 2, J. Wigg 2, N. Clayton 2, T. Rainbird 2, B. Chaplin, R. Belcher, L. Joseph; Dodges Ferry: J. Scott 2, J. Curran 2, B. Jackson, B. Dolliver, L. Fazackerley, S. Kennedy.
Best - New Norfolk: J. Daley, T. Rainbird, B. Chaplin, C. Wilson, Z. Gardam, N. Ross; Dodges Ferry: J. Curran, J. Godden, M. Cusick, M. Hughes, J. Scott, J. White.

New Norfolk 5.3 (33) 11.4 (70) 15.4 (94) 20.9 (129)
Dodges Ferry 0.1 (1) 1.2 (8) 2.3 (15) 2.4 (16)
Goals - New Norfolk: T. Triffett 8, B. Chaplin 3, N. Lester 2, J. Duggan 2, J. Van-Lierop 2, D. Triffett, A. Minchin, B. Ransley; Dodges Ferry: M. Charlesworth, M. Fazackerley.
Best - New Norfolk: N. Lester, T. Triffett, P. Ling, A. Minchin, S. Rogers, J. Banks-Smith; Dodges Ferry: H. Davis, M. Fazackerley, M. Wiggins, R. Wright, J. Lockley, M. Hammer.

Glenorchy 2.0 (12) 9.3 (57) 11.7 (73) 15.9 (99)
New Norfolk  3.2 (20) 3.2 (20)   4.2 (26)   6.3 (39)
Goals - Glenorchy: T. Goodsell 3, H. Gunther 3, A. Blair 2, T. Williams-Wheeler, B. Bester, J. Farrow, Z. Baynton, K. Phillips, F. Rose, J. Males; New Norfolk: N. Wakefield 3, J. Eiszele 2, J. Whitford-Marriott.
Best - Dodges Ferry: T. Williams-Wheeler, F. Rose, D. West, J. Farrow, W. Atkin, N. Percey; New Norfolk: H. Bielleman, T. Oates, D. Smith, R. Wakefield, N. Wakefield, Z. Crosswell.

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