Saturday, May 23, 2015

Today's footy preview

SFL Season 2015
Round 6 Preview

Dodges Ferry v New Norfolk at Shark Park

DODGES Ferry heads back to home to Shark Park today (Saturday) with the massive task of taking on the New Norfolk Eagles who are beginning to look unstoppable after only five rounds.

Dodges Ferry will need to attempt a simple approach to its game plan and have every one of its 22 selected players try to beat their opponent. However, it would be a courageous and loyal Sharks supporter who would be confident of their players being able to compete with the powerful Eagles and their star goal kicker Zeke Gardam and the SFL’s new number one swingman Rohan Heron who is dominating at either end of the ground would be the hardest tasks on the ground going on current form.

New Norfolk looks way too good and a 10-goal margin is expected in this one.

Form player to watch: Rohan Heron, New Norfolk

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