Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rainbird honoured at Gretna cricket dinner

ABOUT 80 people attended the Gretna Cricket Club's annual dinner and trophy night on on April 25. Corey Ransley, Brian Smith and Jackson Ackerly were the standouts, collecting a number of trophies each.

At the conclusion of the trophy presentations, club president Peter Rainbird was presented with a signed cricket bat and lapel pin from Cricket Australia in recognition of his 50th season of involvement with club cricket. After a terrific speech, Peter was given a standing ovation.

Gretna I trophy winners - batting average: Rhys Browning 26.92; Aggregate: Ben Rainbird 398 runs; Bowling average: Corey Ransley 13.33; Aggregate: Corey Ransley 33 wickets; Most catches: Glenn Blackwell 14; Geoff Jarvis Memorial trophy best all-rounder: Aaron Maddox, 340.5 pts; Players award: Corey Ransley, 18 votes; Runner up: Ben Rainbird, 17 votes.

Gretna II - batting average: Brian Smith 30.93; Aggregate: Brian Smith 433 runs; Bowling average: Jackson Ackerly 17.21; Aggregate, Jackson Ackerly 24 wickets; Most catches: Brian Smith 14; Best all-rounder: Jackson Ackerly 285.5 pts; Players award: Brian Smith 12 votes; Runner up: Jackson Ackerly 11 votes; Cecil Gray memorial trophy (best under 21): Brock Nichols, 190.5 pts; Captains Trophy:  Mathew Perotti; Best Clubman: Wade Gleeson. Duck Trophy: Brock Nichols, Tom Allcock and Zac Crosswell (four each).

Congratulations to the following for their milestone matches.
Club: Mathew Burns 350th, Damien Hack 250th, Corey Ransley 150th, Todd Jarvis 150th, Jordan Hastie 50th.
Gretna I: Mathew Burns 250th, Tom Allcock 50th.
Gretna II: Ben Shaw 100th, Jordan Hastie 50th.

Life members in attendance were Peter Rainbird, Michael Browning, Glenn Blackwell, Micky Rainbird and Tim Lowe. Craig Farrell MLC and Eric Hutchinson MHR were also in attendance. The club thanks all sponsors and donors, coaches, captains and office bearers. Special thanks to Debra Crosswell for her excellent work with the scoring duties and Colin Cunningham for  helping the players with their batting during training sessions.


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