Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reader's letter: What's the address?

I HAVE a question in regard to the address of the new Woolworths premises. It has been advertised as being situated on the corner of George and Burnett Streets but surely it should be corner of George Street and The Avenue?

Being a resident in New Norfolk for some near 60 years, getting sites and street names and the history of development in the town correct is paramount for the future generations.



  1. I'd go with the corner of Charles and George Sts.

  2. I think both Cnr Charles & George Streets AND Cnr George & Burnett Streets are the addresses of the OLD Woolworths.
    The former is the address of the old Woolworths building itself, while the latter is the address of the overall carpark.
    I agree with the OP in that the new Woolworths' address is technically Cnr George Street and The Avenue.

  3. There is a car park on the corner of George and The Avenue.
    The new building is on George St at the termination of Charles St.
    The Avenue and Burnett Sts are at least 50m away.

  4. Ambiguity will always surround addresses relating to some residences and structures. Talking to both Local Council and Australian Post, they both have differing views of how the numbering of residences in streets is reached.
    Case 1. My son had a house on the corner of Blair and Grey Streets, the residence, driveway and letterbox fronted Blair St. but the address was for Grey St.
    Case 2. The address for the old Woolworths Store was 17 – 19 Charles St. but the building itself was on the site of a residence that was referred to as 21 Charles St.
    What is actually on the corner of George and Burnett Streets? On the west side, there are units – on the East side a pine hedge and McDonalds.
    A car park is indeed on the corner of The Avenue and George St the other has an old Doctors residence. The car park belongs to Woolworths whose main entrance faces the Avenue. Woolworths has customer entrances on both George St. and The Avenue and with Charles St. ending at George St. it is with just cause that I submit that the address as advertised is wrong.
    Dear Ed.
    Debate about issues is a good thing and it is everyone’s right to have their say on any matter that concerns them. It is also one’s right to claim anonymity regarding some issues be it because of fear of recrimination, embarrassment or they are scared to let others know that they have an opinion, I respect that and their belief in being anonymous. I for one will place my name to any and all correspondence, as I wish to catch as well as throw the stones of public opinion instead of being at the back of the crowd just throwing them.

  5. Why cant it simply be on George Street? Which it is. Whats the obsession with a corner of this and that when it isn't on a corner, the car park is on the corner not the building.