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Friday, April 10, 2015

Premiers tipped to win grand final replay

Southern Football League
Round 1 Preview 
New Norfolk v Claremont at Boyer

THE Claremont Magpies will be on the road to Boyer to open their 2015 season campaign with a game against reigning premier New Norfolk in a game where both sides will be keen for the first points of the season. The match is at 2pm tomorrow (Saturday).

The Magpies continued to excite the competition in 2014, with form to challenge the dominant Eagles and appear to have recruited some handy players under coach Kim Excell and you would expect a high quality and disciplined performance first up. Reports suggest the Magpies have had a big pre-season, with plenty of numbers, and they should be very fit first up.

However, New Norfolk has an outstanding record at Boyer and this game will hold no fears. New Norfolk should continue to be the pacesetter this season under new coach Caden Wilson.

New Norfolk’s younger players would be expected to start sharing the load so as they don’t have to rely on names like Belcher, Ross and Thompson, who have historically been the match winners.

This should be a close encounter for most of the day but perhaps the reigning premiers may prove a little too strong towards the end of the game.

Player to watch: Rohan Heron – New Norfolk.

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