Monday, March 30, 2015

Not long now...

WORD has it that New Norfolk's new Woolworths supermarket will open in about a fortnight, with April 14 being tipped as the day trading will shift from the existing Charles St premises to the huge new premises just across the road in George St.

In the absence of any official advice from Woolworths, here's what the New Norfolk rumour mill has to say about the new supermarket. Make of it what you will.
  • The new supermarket is substantially bigger in floorspace than the closest Woolies at Bridgewater.
  • As many as 50 additional employees (30 full-time equivalents) have been employed to staff the new supermarket.
  • There will be self-service checkouts in addition to the traditional checkouts.
  • In addition to having an in-house bakery, customers will be able to order a pizza and have it cooked while they shop.
  • Trading hours are likely to be 7am-10pm seven days a week.

Plentiful parking and wide aisles inside are among the first thing shoppers will
notice at New Norfolk's new Woolworths Supermarket.

There's no milk in the fridge but most of the shelves are stocked.


  1. WOW, who'd have thought I could get so distracted about a supermarket... I suppose in a month or so, it'll just be ho hum, business as usual - but for now, I find myself feeling rather excited! :-)

  2. I think the bit about pizza while you shop is someone having a laugh two days early... :-)

  3. There are now signs at the current Woolworths, that confirm that the opening date for the new store is the 15th of April, with the old store closing at 6pm on the 14th. The same sign also confirms that the new store will have a Pizza Bar, which I assume is the making a pizza while you shop :)