Monday, January 12, 2015

Latest look at Woolies

The development site yesterday.
WHILE the current Woolworths store in New Norfolk is still looking a little worse for wear following the recent ram-raid, it's a a happier sight at the construction site across the road where work is continuing at a rapid pace on the new supermarket.

One entrance to the existing supermarket remains boarded up and awaiting repairs following the December 16 burglary. Meanwhile the development site in George St is a hive of industrial activity.

The work has extended beyond the former oval site and spilled out into the street which has been reconstructed to cope with the anticipated increased traffic. Line markings and a pedestrian refuge are now in place. A permanent boundary fence has also gone up on the southern side of the site, separating it from the former hospital wards next door.

This week's Derwent Valley Council meeting is expected to call for specifications for the reconstruction of the steep and narrow corner of George and Stephen Sts and converting that section into a one-way road heading away from the supermarket. That project has been funded in this year's council budget.

The new supermarket will have parking for 242 cars.

The view across the newly reconstructed section of George St, New Norfolk. 

The view from the corner of George St and The Avenue, New Norfolk.

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