Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Railtrack Riders on the move

The Railtrack Rider in operation near Maydena.
THE Railtrack Rider tourist attraction has received a licence to expand its operations to National Park, the Maydena Community Association has announced. In a statement on Facebook, MCA secretary Tim Parkes says the community-owned business has had its expansion plan approved by Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding MHA.

Railtrack Riders Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Maydena Community Association (MCA) and was created as an employment initiative in the former logging town. The expanded operation licence will allow the operation to take advantage of the big numbers of visitors passing the National Park railway station on a daily basis.

National Park Railway Station just
outside the entrance to Mt Field.
"It is a significant expansion for our business and we feel confidant of success now that we can directly benefit from the large tourism numbers visiting Mt Field National Park," Mr Parkes said in a post on the Maydena Memories page on Facebook.  "The new timetable is yet to be announced but operations are planned to commence after Christmas. More details will soon be available on our website," Mr Parkes said.

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