Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Railriders on track at National Park

THE long-awaited Maydena Railtrack Rider extension at National Park will open on New Year's Day tomorrow, with the first rides starting around 11am. The starting point is at National Park Station, just off the entrance road to Mt Field National Park.

At present there is only limited seating (six adults and four child seats per ride) and bookings are advised. The ride travels 4km west to Sharpes Rd and return to National Park, taking about one hour. The original 2.5km ride between the Maydena and Florentine stations continues to operate at Maydena.

The railtrack rider is a lightweight pedal-powered vehicle that travels along a disused section of the historic and picturesque Derwent Valley Line. The business is wholly owned by the Maydena Community Association. For more information and bookings, visit the official website at

Railtrack Riders are now available at National Park as well as Maydena.

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