Thursday, November 13, 2014

Youth League cricket - round three

Round 3 results from Sunday, November 9.

THERE were many highlights in the junior cricket last weekend. Of the New Norfolk Under 13s, Coby Kemmler did very well making 25 not out as did Jordan Gittus with 20 runs. In the Gretna Under 13s the team preformed very well against a much older Kingston Crows outfit. Brayden Butler did well and remained 8 not out as did Brodie Scanlon who made 5 not out and Aidan Featherstone 6. Callum Rogers bowled very well getting two wickets.

In the Under 15s game between Gretna and Molesworth the match came down to the final ball. Gretna batted first and made 10 for 112 with Jake Campbell top-scoring with 42 not out. Jeremy Nichols picked up 3-9 off 7 for Molesworth. In reply Molesworth was bowled out just two runs shy of victory. With one wicket remaining and needing two runs to win from the final ball, Gretna's Ryan Emery took a difficult catch off the bowling of Blake Mayne to give his side victory. Mayne finished with two wickets and Jake Ransley 3.

An equally big highlight from the Gretna/Molesworth match was the effort of opener J. Franklin for Molesworth who carried his bat right through innings to remain 44 not out. This is a fine effort. It was a great match to watch and the sportsmanship shown was a credit to both teams.

In the New Norfolk Under 15s match the Red Caps went down to Clarence. New Norfolk fielded first and kept  Clarence to 107 with Lucas Higgins bowling well taking 2 for 2 off three overs while Tyson Wakefield got his first wicket 1 for 5. Nathan Rice again bowled well, 1 for 15 off 7. The team fielded very well and snared four runouts. After being 2 for 42 New Norfolk was all out for 80. Jye Bearman did very well making 32. Dylan Morgan remained 9 not out and Nathan Rice got 8. The boys are improving every week.

Under 13s
Kingston Crows 4 for 137 off 25 overs (49 extras) d Gretna 8 for 55 off 16 overs (29 extras) at Gretna. Gretna - batting: Brayden Butler 8 not out, Aidan Featherstone 6, Brodie Scanlon 5no. Gretna - bowling: Callum Rogers 2-17 (3), Tyler Scanlon 1-16 (3).

New Town 6 for 110 d New Norfolk 8 for 79. New Norfolk - batting: Coby kemmler 25 not out, Jordan Gittus 20. New Norfolk - bowling: Tatem 2-12 (3), Jordan Gittus 2-5 (3).

Gretna 7 for 112 off 37 overs (22 extras) d Molesworth 10 for 111 off 37 overs (32 extras) at Boyer Oval.
Gretna - batting: Jake Campbell 42 not out, Blake Mayne 26, Ryan Browning 7no. Molesworth - bowling: Jeremy Nichols 3-9 (7), J. Lester 1-12 (8), J. Bearman 1-14 (6).
Molesworth - batting: J. Franklin 44 not out, J. Wilton 9, Baine Tomlin 6. Gretna - bowling: Jake Ransley 3-10 (4), Blake Mayne 2-11 (7), Tyler Farrell 1-12 (4), Grant Booth 1-14 (3).

Clarence 10 for 107 d New Norfolk 10 for 80. New Norfolk - batting: Jye Bearman 32, Dylan Morgan 9 not out, Nathan Rice 8. New Norfolk - bowling: Lucas Higgins 2-2 (3), Tyson Wakefield 1-5, Nathan Rice 1-15 (7).

Round 4,  Sunday November 16.

Under 13 - 9am start.
Gretna v Clarence Maroon at Rokeby Village Green.
New Norfolk v Lindisfarne Blue at Tynwald Park.

Under 15
10.30am: Gretna v Old Beach Gold at Glenora High School.
12.30: Molesworth v New Town at Queens Walk.
12.30: New Norfolk v Kingborough Knights at Tynwald Park.

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