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Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Norfolk's river rules

Media Release

Rules for boats and personal watercraft on the Derwent River at New Norfolk

In anticipation of warmer weather in the forthcoming months, New Norfolk police would  like to remind boat and personal watercraft users of the rules governing the Derwent  River around New Norfolk.

There are several varied speed zones on the Derwent River at New Norfolk. There is a 5 knot speed limit from the New Norfolk Bridge downstream approximately 900 metres. The end of the zone is marked by a rectangular warning sign on the northern shore.

A 5 knot speed limit applies except for when towing a skier from the line between the New Norfolk Aquatic Club and slightly east of the New Norfolk Caravan Park to a line across the river between the eastern end of Norske Skog and the Sorell Creek outlet near Molesworth Road.

Users of personal watercraft (PWC) such as jet skis are reminded that they are required to have the PWC extension to their boating licence. All boat, PWC and kayak users are required to carry and wear suitable personal floatation devices (PFDs) when on the water.

Police have received an increase in complaints from river users relating to the speed and behaviour of other boat and PWC owners. Local police will be conducting regular patrols of nearby boat ramps and river banks and actively engaging with boat and PWC users in order to ensure compliance with relevant rules. Penalties will be issued where offences are detected.

1 comment:

  1. Why is it OK for water skiers to have an open speed limit on the river while fisherman and others have a 5knt limit? Isn't that blatant discrimination? We have all seen ski boats speeding around swimmers and they frequently speed within the exclusion area around the boat ramp