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Friday, November 28, 2014

Junior cricket

 Jacob Blackwell, Bailey Wheeler
and Aiden Featherstone.
Round 5

GRETNA Under 13s had a good match with Lindisfarne last weekend. Tyrone Bailey did well, making 25 not out, while Zac Wheeler hit 12 and Jacob Blackwell 10. The team was outstanding in the field and bowled very well. Callum Rogers, Conor Kelly-Lennox and Tyrone Bailey all took a wicket each.

In the New Norfolk Under 13s match against Kingston, the young Red Caps did very well. Coby Kemmler made 25 not out and Jye Bearman 21 not out in the total of 105. Teagan Kemmler and Dylan Browning bowled well, taking a wicket each.

In the Under 15s Gretna defeated Clarence at Clarence by  94 runs. Hannah Mann batted very well making 39 and Josh Eyles and Ryan Emery scored 29 each. For the bowlers it was again Blake Mayne doing the damage, taking the stunning figures of 4-5 off two overs with three of his victims coming in his first over. Jake Campbell and Jake Ransley also bowled tightly, taking a wicket each.

New Norfolk Under 15s went down to Wellington in a good match. Lucas Higgins 28 and Rhys Franklin 21 were the top scores with the bat, while with the ball T. Wakefield, Liam Rowbottom and Cody Morgan got amongst the wickets. Coach Snowy Rowlands says the troops are improving every week.

Molesworth Under 15s had another good win, defeating Old Beach by 36 runs. J. Bearman batted extremely well to make the great score of 39 while B. McRoss and J. Fisher-Cooley got 16 each and Z.  Purdon 15. J. Nichols did very well remaining 8 not out. Molesworth bowling figures were not available.

Under 13
Lindisfarne 3 for 176 off 25 overs (49 extras) d Gretna 8 for 99 off 25 overs (31 extras) at Tynwald Park. Gretna - batting: Tyrone Bailey 25 not out, Zac Wheeler 12, Jacob Blackwell 10, Bailey Wheeler 7, Brayden Butler 6, Tyler Scanlon 5, Callum Rogers 2, Aiden Featherstone 1no. Gretna - bowling: Callum Rogers 1-11 (2), Conor Kelly-Lennox 1-14 (3), Tyrone Bailey 1-15 (2).
Kingston 4 for 157 d New Norfolk 7 for 105. New Norfolk - batting: Coby Kemmler 25 not out, Jye Bearman 21 no. New Norfolk - bowling: Teagan Kemmler 1-9 (2), Dylan Browning 1-18 (2).

Under 15
Gretna 7 for 163 off 37 overs (23 extras) d Clarence White  7 for 69 off 37 overs (27 extras) at Clarence High School. Gretna - batting: Hannah Mann 39, Josh Eyles 29, Ryan Emery 29, Sam Booth 13, Jake Campbell 12. Gretna - bowling: Blake Mayne 4-5 (2), Jake Campbell 1-2 (3), Jake Ransley 1-5 (4).

Wellington 163 d New Norfolk 129. New Norfolk - batting: Lucas Higgins 28, Rhys Franklin 21, Nathan Rice 16, Jye Bearman 16, D. Keleher 12. New Norfolk - bowling: T. Wakefield 2-7 (2), Liam Rowbottom 2-21 (6), Cody Morgan 1-14 (7).

Molesworth 9 for 125 off 36 overs (19 extras) d Old Beach Gold 10 for 89 at Old Beach. Molesworth - batting:J. Bearman 39, B. McRoss 16, J. Fisher-Cooley 16, Z. Purdon 15, J. Nichols 8no. Molesworth - bowling: not available.

Round 6,  Sunday November 30.

Under 13 - 9am start.
Gretna v University v Black at Mount Nelson Oval.
New Norfolk v Clarence Maroon at Tynwald Park.

Under 15.
Gretna v Kingborough Knights at Lower Queenborough.
Molesworth v  Clarence White at Tynwald Park.
New Norfolk v Sorell at Sorell 1.

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