Saturday, November 22, 2014

Council appoints committee representatives

THE first meeting of the new-look Derwent Valley Council on Thursday night included the appointing of council representatives to various Special Committees, community committees, joint authorities, statutory bodies and council working groups. The appointments are generally for two years.

Boyer Oval Management: Cr Barry Lathey (proxy Cr Shaw)
New Norfolk Historical Information Centre: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Triffett)
Gleeson Park (Lachlan): Cr James Graham (proxy Cr Shaw)
Derwent Valley Youth Future Action Team (D'FAT): Cr Julie Triffett (proxy Cr Bester)
Bushy Park Swimming Pool: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Belcher)
Derwent Valley Sport and Recreation Centre: Cr Ben Shaw (proxy Cr Belcher)
Molesworth Recreation Reserve: Cr Frank Pearce (proxy Cr Graham)
Tidy Towns: Cr Paul Belcher (proxy Cr Evans)
New Norfolk Swimming Pool: Cr Julie Triffett (proxy Cr Shaw)
Access Advisory: Cr Barry Lathey (proxy Cr Triffett)
Environmental Management: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Evans)
New Norfolk Business Alliance: Cr Frank Pearce (proxy Cr Graham)
Friends of Frescati: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Evans)
Tynwald Park Development: Cr Julie Triffett (proxy Cr Shaw)
Derwent Valley Council Scholarship Trust Fund: Cr Martyn Evans and Cr Ben Shaw
Willow Court Conservation: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Evans)
Friends of Willow Court: Cr Frank Pearce (proxy Cr Evans)
Economic Development and Growth (STEPS): Cr Frank Pearce and Cr James Graham
William Hazlewood Reserve (Magra): Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Lathey)

TasWater: Cr Martyn Evans (proxy Cr Lathey)
Southern Waste Strategy Authority: Cr James Graham (proxy Cr Belcher)
Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority: Cr Martyn Evans (proxy Cr Shaw)
Local Government Association of Tasmania: Cr Martyn Evans (proxy Cr Shaw)

Council website: Cr Damian Bester (additional members to be appointed)
Education Precinct: Cr Martyn Evans and Cr Paul Belcher
Tree2Sea: Cr Martyn Evans
Relay for Life: Cr Martyn Evans
Community Road Safety Partnership: Cr Martyn Evans and Cr Paul Belcher
Hemp: Cr James Graham, Cr Damian Bester, Cr Martyn Evans and Cr Ben Shaw
Plenty Link Rd: Cr Damian Bester, Cr Barry Lathey, Cr Ben Shaw and Cr Paul Belcher

Derwent Valley Emergency Planning Committee: Cr Barry Lathey and Cr Ben Shaw
Australia Day Committee: Cr Martyn Evans, Cr Barry Lathey and Cr Ben Shaw
Derwent Catchment Natural Resource Management: Cr Barry Lathey (proxy Cr Graham)
Derwent Valley Autumn Festival Committee: Cr James Graham  and Cr Paul Belcher
Land Sale Committee: Cr Damian Bester, Cr Julie Triffett, Cr James Graham and Cr Frank Pearce
Maydena Community Association: Cr Damian Bester (proxy Cr Graham)
Derwent Valley Visitor Information Centre: Cr James Graham (proxy Cr Bester)
Real Action Forward Thinking (RAFT): Cr Ben Shaw and Cr James Graham
Community Grants: Cr Lathey, Cr Bester, Cr Belcher, Cr Shaw, Cr Triffett.
Derwent Valley Tourism Association: Cr Ben Shaw (proxy Cr Belcher)
Code of Conduct Panel: Cr Damian Bester, Cr Frank Pearce, Cr Paul Belcher

*Subject to confirmation of the minutes next month.

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