Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lathey pips Shaw in latest election results

OUTGOING deputy mayor Barry Lathey looks set to have retained his seat as a councillor at the expense of Scott Shaw. The latest computerised count from the Tasmanian Electoral Commission shows 100% councillor vote now counted, but subject to a recount.

The results show a big improvement for Cr Lathey and former MP Tim Morris, with Cr Lathey taking Cr Shaw's spot in the final eight, which now looks like this:

  • Martyn Evans
  • Paul Belcher
  • Julie Triffett
  • Ben Shaw
  • Damian Bester
  • Frank Pearce
  • James Graham
  • Barry Lathey
Former mayor and parliamentarian Tim Morris remains in the count in ninth place. This is outside the eight seats available but will mean an interesting recount.

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  1. Thank you for the updates. I think is a good mix for the new council - 4 'old/experienced' members and 4 'newies'. Well done everyone. Only disappointment is the actual numbers voting - seems a darned good percentage of those eligible don't gave a toss, what a shame!